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Josh Wood Colour Care, A Review

A few weeks ago I was approached by Josh Wood colour to try out their website colour care diagnostic tool and products.  I did know Josh Wood from being available in Marks and Spencer and without using the diagnostic website I had previously bought myself, and used, purple shampoo and conditioner.  I now know that 'one' does not use purple if 'one' (me) wants warm toned light hair.  In fact my hairdresser was quite horrified when I let it slip in conversation that I used purple shampoo for my blond hair.  She said, exclaimed, grumbeled  questioned in a calm enquiring way, 'why do I put warm highlights in your hair then?  Don't you like them?'  Huh, I responded.  Then came the lecture explanation.  (note to my hairdresser who reads this, sorry, writers licence!)

My daughter and I both went through the online consultation and found that we neither of us needed purple shampoo.  In fact we both received the result of products for frizzy blond hair,   conditioner too. 

Josh Wood kindly provided us with full size bottles to try.  I have given it 6 weeks before writing this review.  In summary, yes I would buy it.  Here's why.

I have recently been using Jo Hansford and also do highly rate.  However prior to trying Josh Wood all the other brands I had in the house I had rather gone off.  I found that unless I was using Jo's then I had to wash my hair every other day.  In fact when I went to Liverpool I took a small supermarket/drugstore brand with me and my hair was greasy within 1 day.  It certainly made me grateful for my Jo Hansford.  

I am so pleased to say that Josh Wood rates as highly in my eyes.  My hair remains clean for longer and does not go lank or flat.  

Smell - slightly scented but not off putting at all.  

Lather - not much.  I found this strange at first and thought I wouldn't get a decent clean but the opposite is the case.  I am preferring the lesser lather.

Amount to use - on my shoulder length hair I used 5 pumps of shampoo on the top and back of my hair and  3 around the ends, so 8 in total.  For conditioner I use up to 4 on just my ends.

Longevity of bottle - equal to my Jo Hansford.  a 250ml bottle is likely to last me 3  months.

My daughter Annabel was also gifted a set and here are her responses.

Smells lovely fruity and fresh in the shower but a bit odd once hair is dry.

Not enough for my liking

How long between washes so how does it perform?
For me 3-4 days which is more than most shampoos 

How much did you use each time of each product?
I tried limiting myself to 4 squirts but to feel thorough and be happy I have to use between 8-10.

Would you buy it again?
Definitely, because it's good for my hair. 

What did your hairdresser say on the condition of your hair after using it for a month?
That my hair seems healthy and she was prepared to bleach my hair which she wouldn't be if it didn't feel healthy 

This was not a sponsored post but as I said we were gifted the products to review and both of us would go on to buy these items ourselves.  

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  1. I'm using the same! I thought the same about the lather on the shampoo too. A larger pump needed?
    But the hair mask I've been using is amazing! xx

  2. This sounds like a great product. I've gotten used to a lower lather product. I like it! I heard that the leather strips your hair!

  3. Interesting. Thanks for your honest reviews..


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