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My New Lotus Bag Goes out in London

Today I'm inviting you to take a mini tour of London with me as Hubster and I had a little trip on Sunday to meet up with a former school friend of his and his wife.  You never really know what you are going to meet after 30 years. Characters have formed over the period from divergent life happenings and you just hope you have enough in common to, well get through the day.

I have to say in this case we immediately hit it off. The men had plenty in common and the wives,  we could have been twins! Twins that didn't argue that is. The boys having left school early 1980s, both went into the forces.  Navy or army,  hey semantics!  

Conversation revolved around services life, grown up children and current working life. The men might aswell have compared notes when selecting a wife.  We turned up in our blond shoulder length bobs and our simple monochrome summer dresses accessorised with one colour. The fellow wife wore a navy dress accessorised with kelly green belt, sandals and bag.  I wore a black dress with nude bag and sandals.  Kindred spirits recognised in each other on first handshake. Phew! 

It was a heatwave day and I took my new Lotus bag out for a spin.  I thought it would look chic with my black dress and the size was practical for a day out.  Plenty of room for a waterbottle plus normal essentials like purse and make-up.

Isn't this a great doorway? It looks continental to me.

The monument (that spike behind me)  commemorates the Great Fire of London which started very near by here in Pudding Lane in a bakers.  Yes, Pudding Lane still exists there too.  The Monument was built between 1671 and 1677 and the fire took place in 1666. 

This spike is The Shard.  A newish skyline landmark.  Isn't it interesting to think how at one time The Monument would have towered over London.

You can't see London without that other tower Tower Bridge.

image showing black dress and nude bag outfit

And then of course there is The River Thames and St Paul's Cathedral.  Sir Christopher Wren who designed much of London after the fire, including the Monument is buried in the crypt of the Cathedral. 

I love the finishing touches to the Bag

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I was kindly gifted the bag by Lotus but it is exactly my style. 


  1. Unusual I'd say for men to drive a reunion? But how interesting - and a bit nerve wracking, if you found you had to spend an evening with a couple you had nothing in common with. Great bag - useful colour and good size. Capacious. (My word of the week).

    1. Yes we got on really well. I have though met the other half of another of his school mates and it was chalk and cheese. They split up soon after. I guess he realised that they also were chalk and cheese.

  2. Like the outfit you chose, tres chic, and cool wear for a hot day in London. But you've found a new twin? Are we now triplets? !! Hugs triplet, x.

  3. That is a very nice bag! Great that you had enough to talk about! Oh London, I would love to go when we are in the South, but I don t believe that is easy with a wheelchair!

  4. I do love a good day out in the city! I'm loving the dress, perfect for our weather at the moment xx

    1. I don't think anything is really perfect for this humidy except a cold bath x

  5. That bag is beautiful! Looks like it will go with so much!

  6. I love how the simplicity of your dress showed off the bag (and YOU) to perfection! I'm a new follower from Across the Pond and love your blog!

  7. Isn't this the perfect bag Anna! I too have this and love everything about it. The colour goes so well with lots of outfits and it's roomy enough for all my bits! Thanks for sharing. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  8. Love the definition and styling of the bag . Chalk & Cheese very descriptive . Thanks for sharing .


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