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What to Wear In a Heatwave for the Office

Would it be cheating to do an instagram round up?  Maybe but I haven't done one for a while and I do find outfit posts useful, whether they are mine for reference or others for ideas.  For example recently I have been thinking about what to wear for a vacation and my first port of call (no its not a cruise) was to look at my prior blogs.  More on that another time.  

You must know that the UK is having a heatwave.  We jumped from a 2 week spring to a full on long period of dry hot weather.  Our grass is yellow, plants need watering every night, the water butt is empty and as a nation we are exhausted from lack of sleep due to no aircon. On the clothes front we scratch our heads and wonder what on earth to wear.  Vacation clothes aren't office appropriate are they?  They aren't.

My heatwave work clothes are listed below  for my own future reference. You I never know, it may happen again.  Keeping it real, my vacuum cleaner has a prominent accessorising role in this post. 

My first emergency for the office outfit was my fail safe summer Uniqlo dress.  This is about 4 years old and my Contental Drift co-host SSG has this dress.  We have joked over the years that we take it in turns to wear it as she is in Sydney and I London.

A dress that you last saw during last year's heatwave at the garden has been worn and for the air con office I used a long thin knit cardigan over it.  I liked this combination.


My usual summer Ronnie NIchol dress in beige made an appearance but I added a very old Kaliko jacket.  This jacket was bought about 8 years ago and I liked it so much I bought one in blue too.  Do you do that?

Last year I thrifted a Next skirt ready for the 'next'  heatwave, pun unintended.  Well of course that heatwave is now here so I used it for work with a jersey vest and a jersey jacket in a royal blue.  I added interest with a matching belt. I can wear jersey on a work day as we have aircon on the trains and in the office. Otherwise jersey is a no-no in this humidity. 

Another day I used the same  Next skirt and wore a trifted navy Zara striped shirt.  This shirt is an office staple of mine regardless of the weather or season.

The following week I abandoned skirts and tried out trousers.

Very old camel linen trousers and a chiffon blouse of camel, white and black.

New trousers from Marks and Spencer UK link  and in the sale, and USA link  I love these trousers.  They are thin for summer and look on trend.  Great for out of office too.  I wore an old linen blouse with the trousers for a classic look, if you can be classic in such trousers.

New Primark paperbag waist striped trousers were added to my repertoire. Here 

And here.

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  1. I'm liking the Primark striped trousers a lot! I've also just ordered a dress like the first too! I haven't been wearing hardly anything at home! xx

    1. I couldn't get away with that in the office dear friend. :) x

  2. You're pulling out some cool looks for the heatwave, great styling. But what's happened to your left knee? X.

    1. I fell over running . Tripped on a tree root in woods. Dangerous business this running:) xx

  3. I love your work style! And you rock those wide leg pants my friend! I told my husband the other day that I miss getting dressed up for work and that I need a place to go to just check in everyday so I can dress cute and then come home and work, lol! He rolled his eyes, totally doesn't get it, oh well!

    1. I know what you mean. It is good to have the discipline of work to be an excuse to make an effort.

  4. I love the second look! I'm really enjoying this weather! Ha ha, unlike all the people in my stress!

    1. Thank you. I like that too and the last 3. I think because they are new items or combinations this year

  5. So many great summer looks. Love the elegant styling. The shirt dress is gorgeous! xx Maria

    1. Thank you Maria. Keep cool. We're in Tenerife which you may gather from my Instagram. I've got a lovely coastal breeze at the moment.

  6. So many very cool looks. I also have quite old items of clothing that I still like and wear

  7. Shorts for me at home, although when I go out I have to put a dress or something else on! I won't unleash my legs on the public - not in this country anyway - lol. Happy heatwave styling. Jacqui Mummabstylish


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