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How to Wear Double Denim

Well my dear fashionista, I'm  experimenting once again. This time I took a 'Double Denim' dip.  Denim on denim is not a look that has appealed to me too much as my wardrobe hasn't  had the variety of denim pieces to make this look work e.g. light denim with dark.
My experiment took me back to this denim shirt dress /coat from Eva Trends in the spring that I showed in Brighton

Last Sunday I was looking for something to wear for a date day with hubs.  It was a day of 19c so I needed a jacket and spied this denim in my wardrobe. Neglected over the summer due to the heat it now came to the rescue.  The colour is on the grey side so I thought I could get away with pairing it with the  yellow blue denim of these jeans, last seen in my jumper dilemma. 

The two work well together and I think it's because the outline of the items compliment each other.  The coat is long and loose.  The jeans slim and cropped.

jeans my current  favourites And/Or

Combine the complimentary shapes of the items  with a  pattern on the denim coat and it's a look that doesn't scream double denim.

I used cream flat shoes to compliment the cropped jeans and a grey and white shirt that i bought a few years ago, last seen in the spring with red accessories.

Husband and I went to see Alpha.  It was a brilliant movie and well worth seeing in Imax if you can.  The story engaged me all the way through and left me wondering how we did tame wolves to be the family pet. Maybe by adopting cubs in some 20,000 years ago tribes.

After the film we ate in Chiquitos.  A perfect venue for my Mexico emblazoned coat.
How do you wear denim on denim?  Do you even wear double denim?

The post does contain affiliate links and a gifted item but I was under no obligation to write this post. I just enjoy the shirt and have incorporated it into my life.

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  1. This is such a good look, AM! I love how you've made a coat from the dress and how the jeans and coat complement each other, in colour and style. Well done, you stylish lady! Hugs, x

  2. Double denim is good when it works - the way you've done it. Mostly I see it "trying too hard." Love those jeans!

  3. Thought I'd do what you suggested, commenting on the previous linker's blog and wouldn't you know it, I'm commenting on yours, again!

  4. I have always liked the double denim look - I think every works if the persson earing it has a certain panache! You look great xx

  5. Great coat Anna, love the whole look. We had Nandos the other night - that was fun - down with the students - lol. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

  6. Great styling on the double denim. Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup


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