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My Mint Velvet Experiment

Well it's late summer and the sales have hit our inbox.  I'm not going mad with purchases but I have so far browsed the Mint Velvet site, and yes I ordered. Why? 

Well a colleague was wearing a gorgeous jumper last week and in a meeting on year-end accounting I said to her   'more importantly where did you get that jumper?'  Mint Velvet,  last year, was the answer.  I have to say the men were bemused by the direction of conversation but needs must.    Here is her jumper (disclaimer, this is not my colleague).  She was wearing the grey version here which you can see is now almost out of stock.  Lucky you if you are a UK 6. There are still some at the time of writing. 

image from Mint Velvet website

Back to the story. 'Ah,' I thought.  'Perhaps it's in the sale now.'  And as you can see It is in a few sizes in the watermelon, but not my size.  

Well, why waste a good website visit I decided so I looked at the other jumpers and found two that were drastically reduced and in my size that I rather liked.  It's not as if these jumpers are linked to a trend. They are pretty classic so why not buy last year's stock!

So these 2 sweaters listed below slid into my online basket in a size 10 UK. 

I also found and ordered this  black studded cape top    for evenings out in the winter.  Ideal for something new for the festive season.

On checking out I was told if I spent three pounds or so more I'd get free UK postage so I added these  Multi bar tassel earrings  to my order.

These links should work internationally as it's one site, just change the country at the top of the page for pricing and delivery options.  Shipping to the USA looks like its 12.95 for a parcel.

Have you ever bought from Mint Velvet?  I haven't so I'm looking forward to experiencing my purchases. 

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  1. I haven't bought from them before but agree it's a lovely brand. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of it xx

  2. I love getting free shipping!! It doesn't feel like sweater weather yet but I think it's coming!

  3. I often look at Mint Velvet but haven't ever bought from them. Nice jumpers and I can see you getting a lot of wear from the black cape top.

  4. Oh what fun you've been having. I haven't tried this brand. Yet!
    Looking forward to seeing your try-on.
    Hugs x.

  5. I don t know that brand but an extra pair of earrings is never a bad idea!

  6. Yes I bought a Mint Velvet coat after Christmas which was worn throughout our snowy cold season. I got it for a song in the sale. Best buy ever...

  7. Ooh, those color block sweaters (jumpers) are so darling! That's a great service. I haven't run into the complication of overseas shipping OFTEN, but I HAVE, and it's really annoying! I wonder if this works from anywhere to anywhere, or just from outside the UK TO the UK?? I'll have to check that out! Thanks for the info.


  8. Love Mint Velvet and have been eyeing their 'new in' section for new knits. I should take a look at their sale too, thanks for the heads up xx Maria


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