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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopped from the UK

I have had another experiment recently besides the Mint Velvet dabble.  I have shopped America.  Yes, this UK mutton woman has been so taken with the reputation of the infamous blogger loved Barefoot Dreams cardigans that I had one shipped to the UK.  This is the one that I bought, the  Cozy Light in navy and stone.  

Not only did I experiment with shipping to the UK but I also experimented with shopping the infamous 'Nordstrom anniversary sale' so I got this cardigan at a cheaper price than currently priced. My label shows this one as being USD114 originally. 

I also bought these earrings in the anniversary sale.  Again, they are much more expensive now at the full price.

Why did I pick these two items?  Well, being in the UK I want to be sure that I don't need to ship them back.  I felt that the cardigan in small was pretty well going to fit my size 10 and it was a perfect opportunity to purchase the so loved by others cardigan.  Earrings obviously are a safe bet fit wise and these were a bargain.  I love them. They add such a sparkle to an outfit. 

In order to buy these items I used Borderfree and in that way you can commit to the duty to be paid up front so there are no nasty surprises later once the items are imported.  Borderfree works by holding an account for you and you order through that account.  Items are shipped separately as they then seem to do the shipping rather than the store, but I am not sure on that.  Here is a sentence from their website.  Borderfree brings the world’s best brands to your door. Because shopping in style shouldn’t require a passport.

Delivery was quite slow but I understand that delivery within the US was also slow this Nordstrom anniversary sale.  I did find it a bit of a surprise at first that prices in the USA are o pre-duty.  I quickly remembered that this is the case at checkout.  This is consistent with physical store shopping too.  In New York I kept getting caught out at the till when the price was higher than marked as the duty goes on when you pay. Therefore when shopping the USA remember that you will be paying more than marked when you get to checkout.  There is also shipping which worked out I think around £12.  Still I do think both of the items that I bought were bargains despite the tax (which I would have had to pay at full price probably at a greater value if we are talking percentages of the sale price as VAT is calculated.)  However I am absolutely delighted with my purchases particularly at the sale price. I am now one of the Barefoot Dreams family. Hooray!

Additionally I found a Tshirt on Amazon USA that I liked and wasn't available on UK Amazon.   

Again this was easy to shop and have delivered by creating a USA Amazon account.  
Have you ever tried Borderfree?  Did you shop the sale?

The post does contain affiliate links. 

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  1. I have never tried borderfree! I could have used that when I prefered my oxygen glasses! Great cardigan. I love to wear cardigans.

  2. Never heard of Borderfree but sounds interesting. I used to buy a lot of my scrap booking stash from the US a few years ago, when that was my hobby, but the customs duties were often ridiculous. So I stopped buying online from the US. Cute cardigan! Can see why you went for it.

  3. Well done, AM, what a resounding success. The £18 quoted for my cardi lust put me off but you did really well. Another thing that's put me off is the sizing difference and the hassle/expense of returning, but it sounds like you got that right too. Yup, you're one clever shopper! Hugs, x.

  4. I've not heard of borderfree either. Will check that out. Hense why I haven't bought from Nordstrom before . Good idea


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