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Tenerife in Outfits part 2

We left my last vacation blog with us saying  au revoir to Miss 23 and Gareth in  Tenerife part one .  This is their photo as they board  a Dreamliner (which is a fantastic plane I might add.)

Well I've now returned from vacation and I'm making a complete mess of my week (and it's only 7.40 on Monday morning). Yes I've barely got make up on, just about pulled some food together for my packed lunch and I arrived at the station as my train pulled out).  So I conclude that the working week doesn't suit me.  Let's get back to my vacation then. 

We knew our new hotel very well as we have been there almost every other year since the girls were under 12. 

For the second week shorts and T-shirts continued to be useful.  I discovered the breeziness of linen shorts this year. No picture unfortunately.  I couldn't believe how much cooler they were to my chino shorts.  Why didn't you ladies from hot climes tell us about linen shorts!

We went to see Santa Cruz which is an area full of oil rigs and oil refineries as well as old cultural historic buildings. 

Look at this beautiful beach with the sand imported from Africa, and there in the background is a tanker. 

I made use of my Boden Kimono, and my husband.  My Fitflops are just so useful and about 5 years old.  I just love them for my holidays. 

These harem trousers were a present from Miss 23 for my last birthday.  Ideal for vacations. I'm wearing them with a 2 years ago H&M black tshirt.  

My final outfit before leaving was one in which I use this lovely gifted  Edy and Bridge  vest, with the cropped trousers that you saw worn in Casual summer look book here

I will leave you with some other pictures from this lovely island.

For those interested in packing here is a little video on my packing tips. 

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  1. You make me want to visit Tenerife! Loving all of your vacay looks!

  2. Lovely photos! I love the Canary Islands! I hope your week will develope better!

  3. Very stylish looks, lady. Interested in your comment about linen shorts. I haven't worn linen for years because of the creasage factor. Now my ears have pricked up.

    1. The shorts were just so airy. I bought them on holiday last year in Gran Canaria.

  4. Lovely outfits, what a lovely place!

    1. Thank you Christine. I am enjoying Skyr on my oats in the morning btw. very creamy. Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. Great photos and some stylish holiday outfits, AM, you made some fab choices.
    Hugs, x.

  6. Vacation suits you so well, I say quit that job and become a lady of leisure. Coming back from a wonderful trip is so hard, your Monday sounds dreadful. I hope it got better my friend!

    1. It did thank you and next Monday promises to have beer after work so looking up.

  7. Tenerife looks so lovely - the hills are gorgeous! Love your holiday outfits and you look so relaxed and happy! xx

  8. Very cute, and I love your coral harem trousers. Thanks for sharing this on #chiandstylish Jacqui Mummabstylish


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