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The Garment

I want to talk to you today about a spectacular packing holiday piece that I bought a few years ago.  

On our first night in Golf del Sur we went out for a Japanese restaurant.  I wore harem trousers that you saw last year here in my Gran Canaria diary.

I suppose I wore them in a similar way as trousers this year,  below,but hubs photographic skills have grown, and my hair is more, er, relaxed.

This is a clever garment as you will see that last year I also wore it as a blouse here

And I did this year too.

I wore black shorts and new Primark sandals with the top version of the garment. If you are near a Primark run along and see if these are in stock still.  I love them.  

I didn't wear a necklace this time but added Baublebar tassel earrings from Nordstrom.  Yes, I shopped online and had earrings shipped over to the UK. 

Earrings Baublebar Gabriela tassel in navy although, I can't currently see navy available but there is black and many others on the website.

As it happens I bought these trousers, er garment,  from the resort we were now at a couple of years ago, and Rachel from Splash Style showed me that there were even more ways to wear my trousers, er, garment. 

So on the 3rd evening I broke out of my comfort zone and tried the 'garment' in a new way for me.  As a dress.  I like the shape of it as a dress but it's not bar stool friendly this way. We had to abandon a few eating venue ideas as a result of elastic around my legs. Not a problem you come across often!

A bit clingy in a breeze, but who cares on holiday.  I wouldn't wear it like this at home but when I've been in a swim suit all day this is modest!

We went to La Medino the next day which is a picturesque coastal sailing surfing town.  I wore the garment as a playsuit. 

Which way do you prefer the 'garment'? 

My preference order for style is playsuit,  trousers, dress, blouse.  

For comfort the order is  trousers, playsuit, blouse, dress.

 I will add that I am in touch with Rachel so can see if she can ship. I've also bought myself a few more in darker colours.  

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  1. I'm so pleased that you've given The Garment its own post, it deserves it. It's an amazing piece, and you've fit proud whilst on holiday, so let's hope Rachel can sort out some shipping. Now, Nordstrom. You ordered earrings. Can I be so bold, was the shipping expensive? I saw a cardi I liked and the shipping was £18.
    Hugs, x.

    1. I'm not sure how much. Less then 18 for earrings. I used Borderfree to fix the import duties. in that way you know how much the total cost is before committing. Remember that in the US the prices also don't have vat equivalent until check out. That always confuses me. xx

  2. Wow! What a versatile piece, perfect for taking on a trip. I like it best as a playsuit and then trousers. I've never seen anything like it!!!

  3. Is it just one piece? Wow! Interesting.

  4. What a versatile piece! Those are my favorite for traveling, especially if I'm carrying a small suitcase.
    My favorite way to wear it is as a playsuit, by the way :)

  5. What a clever piece of kit! I like it styled each way. Brilliant!

  6. An amazing garment. Is it sold as a versatile styling piece, or did you discover all the different permutations yourself? I like the playsuit and harem trousers best.

  7. The Garment is amazing and it was a good idea to give it an entire post.
    Lovely :)

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

  8. What a clever garment it is!! The harem trousers are fabulous, your hair is too Anna! Looks like a wonderful holiday xx Maria

  9. What a fascinating garment, love all the styles. This is an idea piece to take away. Thanks for sharing on #chicandstylish

  10. That is an amazingly versatile item! #DreamTeam

  11. That's a great vacation style. Comfy and chic!


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