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What to Wear and Do for a Weekend Away in the UK

Well my dear fashionista,  I have an English treat for you today as my post is more about nature and historic houses then outfits.  We went to stay  at Hampton Wick last weekend with friends.  We both (our friends and hubs and I) drove 1 and half hours to meet in the middle for our  weekend away.   We stayed in a Fullers Inn called  The  White Hart Hotel (  ).   

After doing the checking-in thing and having a pot of tea in the bar  (yes incongruous I know but it was 11.30 am and we had sightseeing to do) with our friends we all went off to buy me a lipstick.  Yes, all of us.  You see, after careful packing of everything, i.e. a small suitcase, a collection of shoes in a separate bag, and a bag of toiletries, I forgot my lipstick.  Disaster. I could not survive the weekend without one.  I found a Laura Mercier  in a similar colour to the one that I had planned to take, one that had been carefully chosen to coordinate  with everything I was wearing at the weekend.  Oh, and why all of those bags?  Because hubster said a small carry on suitcase will do for both of us.  Yeah, right!  We were driving, why limit ourselves?  He won the fight, but I won war.  Yes the extra bags.  Yet in all of that discussion and battling I still managed to leave the carefully chosen lippy.  With emergency lipstick now in my handbag we walked over to Hampton Court Palace. 

We had a good light lunch in The Mute Swan which is right opposite the Palace.  Make sure you are there before the crazy time of 1pm though.  It gets crowded later. 

We then headed off to Bushy Park.  I was stunned at how beautiful, and how close the deer are.  Actually although incredibly tame and used to humans they can be a nuisance as they certainly followed people who decided to feed them.  We didn't. 

The lake area is gorgeous too.  

We ate in the evening in the White Hart so as we could all have a drink or two with our food.   For the evening meal I wore a simple black outfit.  The top is from H&M last year, the skirt several years old.  The sandals were ones I bought from M&S in a sale  3 years ago and the necklace is from Eternal Collections and was gifted in the spring.  I showed it to you when I went to the Chelsea Flower Show. , and here I am keeping the theme going. 

This is the necklace closer up. Mine is gold  peacock.  I do highly rate these necklaces as they have one for any colourway.  I had chosen this one as I am warm colouring so tend to wear gold more and the peacock colours would blend with my closet.  However there is silver available in this one too and many other colour combinations.  It's a super little necklace for a very reasonable price.   

Fullers do seem to make a homely environment. Our whole stay in the Inn was very comfortable and friendly I have to say.  I would certainly recommend it to friends and family. 

On Sunday we went to Ham House  and I wore olive jeans, a grey T and New Look thin bomber all several years old.  

Ham House is certainly worth a visit.  It's a  house lost in history.   I will let the pictures show you the visit. 

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The post does contain a gifted item, the necklace.  My stay at the White Hart was totally unsponsored. 

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  1. Great weekend break with nice mix of things to do and see. You look adorable in your dinner outfit, and what a fine display of blooms behind you. Here's wishing you some more weekend treats, you deserve one after your domestic goddestry this weekend! Hugs, x.

  2. Ah, looks like a great place! I love those huge old full librarys! They have a fabulous one in Arundel Castle. Magnificent. Love the necklace! We Booker our vacation, we will be there on the 8th until the 15th!

  3. I could have joined you for tea! I live very close to Bushy Park. I feel your pain on the lipstick. I've forgotten the whole make-up bag a couple of times and had to buy the lot!
    Have a great week xx

  4. I love weekends away and seeing the sights in the area. Love your dinner outfit...

  5. I get a vicarious excitement from watching other bloggers on their travels! The prospect of deer stalking tourists amused me because deer were always stalked themselves back in the day (that must be where "deer stalker" hats came from). That necklace is indeed a little gem, I love necklaces that have some interest and lend themselves to so many outfits.

  6. How lovely to see your fabulous weekend away. Isn't it just so nice to have a break somewhere like this. You look super too - love the black dress Anna. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  7. I haven't had a weekend away for ages, you have made me want to have one now! You look very stylish, by the way #brilliantblogs@_karendennis

  8. Looks like you had a brill weekend, you look stunning in your black dress X #brilliantblogposts


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