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6 Ways to Wear a White Tshirt in the Autumn

I am cheating today.  I thought I'd do a post on how to wear a white Tshirt in the fall or Autumn (do you know the expression fall comes from Sussex England?)  My cheat is that with time being precious I have taken photos from a video that I recently did on the same topic and so my photos are somewhat, er, animate, around the face.

Let's get started. Here 5 looks I would wear this season.

Look 1,

Jeans, plaid shirt and loafers. I added a chocker thong necklace to keep the casual vibe

V neck T shirt, Gap. 

Crew neck Tshirt, Loft crew neck T, Loft, similar here

Jeans Jeans   exact item

Look 2

A pleated skirt and sneakers, plus toothy grin.

Bee trainers  Hollie (Bees may no longer be available but dots are) 
                            USA link
                                      Australian link

Silly expression, available from a location near me. No link. 

Add a denim jacket for the cooler moments.  (sorry about the line across the pics but I wanted to keep in the feet.)

Look 3

A denim shirt and autumn colours scarf. Loafers and jeans.

Or a darker shirt and a leaopard print scarf.  

Leopard print  similar scarf

Look 4

This is a blazer from Top Shop last year. Zara had similar. 

Elephant necklace in silver available Accessorize

Blazer   similar  or  here

Leopard print jacket –sorry,  I can’t find one I like online. I thrifted this one. Aren't I lucky!

Elephant necklace in silver available Accessorize

Look 5

A pleather jacket and bright autumn scarf, and a sneaky long necklace. 

Pleather jacket – fairly generic . Mine is Sainsburys

Look 6

Suede skirt, gold necklace and sneakers

Maybe a denim dress undone for warmth

Suede skirt – here’s a faux suede that might work

I hope you liked that skip through some fall white Tshirt looks.  

My favourite thing of the day

I enjoyed pulling out scarves once again and recently have been wearing them in the early mornings.  One that received a huge amount of interest on my instagram was this one. And what do you know, I'm wearing it with a white T shirt.  Another look dear fashionista, haha.  

I bought it in H&M last year but I have found one that looks similar size and colours is here.

And if you'd like to watch the movie version of this blog press the arrow below

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  1. Great looks here, AM, and what a fun thing to be tagged on. I loved all the looks. It's really been too hot for white Ts this summer; I've only hooked mine out in the last few weeks. So a white T in autumn is so appropriate. My faves are the Limited Collection White Ts from Marks as they are modal and keep their shape and colour.
    Now, what's the story about fall and Sussex? Please share!
    Hugs, your sometimes-Sussex twin, x.

    1. I didn't wear one quite so much this summer either. Now today I've got frost . white t needs to be a season and enforced. I'll remind myself of the fall story and write about it.

  2. I love the way that you dress!! Gotta get a with tee, after seeing these photos. For spring as I'm from New Zealand.

    1. You absolutely must! It's a necessity. And if white doesn't suit you, and it's not meant to be my colour, just wear it towards the end of summer . I prefer mine late summer and autumn then spring.

  3. white tee!!! I meant a white tee.......

  4. Nothing like a fresh white tee! I love that last scarf too!

    1. You were probably one if the commenters on IG about the scarf:)

  5. Anna, each look got better and better! I kept thinking, oh this one is my favorite and then the next one would come up and it was even better. You nailed it - all fabulous looks that I want to re-create! I need the temps to drop here just a bit so I can pull out the scarves!

    1. Thank you Kellyann. I'm just a practical girl , er muttonwoman, so most of my looks are quite ordinary )

  6. Thank you for this helpful guide to style such a basic thing as a white shirt :)
    You look amazing in all 3 stylings my dear. Lovely.

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

  7. Oh don t you just love pleated skirts! And the look with the denim dress is fabulous! Did I hear you say, in the YouTube video, that you went to The Pretenders?

  8. I'm loving all your different looks Anna, isn't a white shirt the best? One of my favorite basics.


  9. Some fabulous looks here Anna, I especially like the spotty jacket. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  10. All great looks, I'm partial to the combinations with denim and scarves! It's nice to be able to pull them out again.

  11. Lots of options and nice outfits. Thank you for sharing

  12. I think a white T-shirt is a must-have. But one has to replace them every year so they always look crisp.

  13. Loving all your outfits! Thanks for linking up with Ageless Style!

    Shelly | The Queen in Between

  14. Definitely lucky to find that leopard print jacket! Love your denim jacket too, never found one that suits me. Thanks for joining the #WowOnWednesday link up! x


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