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Contental Drift September Linkup

Ah September.  The month that transitions to foggy valleys and morning mist (dipped headlights),  dew dotted on the grass (wet ankles),  crisp frost (sensible shoes), falling golden-rust leaves (raking of lawns) and abundant scarf swinging (if you remember to put one on. Just another thing to forget.)  Except it's not.  This year we are still in T shirts and shorts with a promise of another hot spell to home.  But let's turn to indoors as today's topic is favourite part of my home. 

 I would say this would be my kitchen table.  It's a big 6 seater.  It has seen many an evening family meal when the girls were young. Although I commuted the one constant was that all 4 of us sat and ate together at the end of the day.   There's been many a family Sunday roast enjoyed around the table together too .  And a few squabbles.  

Family birthdays with the decadence of cake. (My cake in this case and I remember it well. This is still sold in Sainsbury's. Remember that when your birthday comes around and drop heavy hints.)

Then there's been entertaining of guests

A few quiet xmases as the generations changed and grandparents are remembered.  And the odd Xmas party. 

Last year the tiles had cracked with use (It was thrifted in the first place) so we had them replaced.  Yes, it would be our kitchen table that I would write about. 

Yet, there is this week a new cheeky usurper.  A shower caddy . I know, daft isn't it.
Last Saturday I deep cleaned my ensuite.  That meant finally removing the rusty shower  floor based caddy that was the stuff of nightmares if we had a bad back.   I found this wall mounted beauty on Amazon and I love it. 

I'm going through that surprised flutter of  delight when I enter the ensuite and see it glimmering in the corner of the cubicle.  I know that feeling only lasts until you are used to it.

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  1. One’s kitchen table (or in my case, the dining room table) seems to always hold the best memories! And I love that you thrifted your beautiful table as I also thrifted mine many years ago. It is a beautiful sturdy table that has seen so many family dinners and also shows evidence of a million kids’ crafts and such! Great post!


  2. That pink cake looks rather yummy! Thanks for hosting!

    Emma xxx

  3. I'm with you on the family gathering around the dining table. So many memories are around mums, sometimes 14 of us! As the family has grown. If I could fit that table into my tiny flat believe me I would.
    Have a great September, remember those scarves! xx

  4. Oh fish and chips, then a yummy cake - I'm coming round to yours!
    Mine's from an auction 26 years ago and has a big gouge from a fishing knife mishap, and a red heart from a drawing mishap, what's not to love!
    Happy September, let's hope this weather's with us a while, x.

  5. Shower caddies are everything and I love how roomy yours is! That cake looks delicious. I recently made a cake on a similar theme with pink frosting but the filling wasn't as nice as yours looks.

    SSG xxx

  6. It's amazing how the kitchen table is the source of so much joy and memories!!

  7. I adore that you wrote qboabthe kitchen table and it totally made me reflect on my own which is such a hub for us as well . Great thinking!

  8. I love to sit, eat and chat with friends and family at our dinner table!

  9. That pink cake is incredible! Love your thoughts on the kitchen table, so true. Thank you for the link up!!


  10. You are right about the table being important to family life. Our table has seen many board and card games too.

  11. I love that cake, how can I get one here in FL? Lol, it has my mouth watering! We got rid of our old kitchen table a few years ago and it was hard to do . That old table had so many marks from the boys as they were growing up!

  12. Oh what I wouldn't give for a piece of that cake! Looks scrummy. Thanks for hosting the #linkup Hun. Jacqui Mummabstylish


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