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How have I got on with Varifocals

Well my dear fashionistas,I have joined the tribe of varifocal wearers these past 10 days.  I know, I know,  they are like marmite. For instance one  of my colleagues loves theirs and another hated them and so  switched back to two pairs of glasses. One Instagram friend adjusted quickly when she got hers whilst another took sea sickness tablets to stabilise herself.

Me, I seem after 10 days, to be used to them.  The adjustment wasn't too bad. I'm careful stepping off curbs (yes  a friend fell off a curb when he first got his), trains and stairs but other then that it's pretty good. Oh, the joy of looking down to see what I'm eating, or my phone, then looking up and seeing the TV.  You have no idea! Well you probably do as most of you are similar age to me. 

I went to the opticians because I was having headaches. I will add that at home we were on the verge of buying a big screen TV as I was having trouble seeing detail with my short sighted glasses on, and of course I blamed an old TV rather than my eyesight.  I mean, just of course!

Sitting in the opticians chair, he put my existing  glasses on me and asked me to read the furthest down, as they do. I couldn't.  I couldn't read any of the chart.  None of it. Not with my glasses, nor without. I think we found out why I was having headaches.

It appears that my vision was halfway between my existing prescription and no prescription, the short sightedness had improved.  My reading vision had deteriorated.  Both are apparently typical at  my age. 

Varifocals were recommended and I could try them for 2 weeks with Specsavers.  I think I'm a success story compared to others.   In the office I can see the presentation screen and my colleagues faces  rather than making a choice or going through the exercise of glasses on, glasses off. I can see the TV and my phone.  I can read a menu and see the restaurant.  I can give a presentation seeing my notes, and the audience. It's bliss. Yes I'm a success story.

Don't be put off by the bad stories as varifocal tales  don't all end badly.  

Do you know Lizzy from What Lizzy Loves?  She is a lovely fashion blogger who is an Optometrist by profession.  I asked her what her tips would be for selection and getting used to varifocals.  Here is what she has to say. 

1. Choose a large frame. The larger frame, the bigger the lens. This will give you a larger field of view through each part of the varifocals. 

2. When going down the stairs, put your chin on your chest. This ensures you’ll be looking through the distance part of the lens, and will mean you can judge the steps better.  (note from Mutton style - I must do this, really I must, especially at stations.)

3. Point your nose at what you want to see! By this I mean turn your head fully to look. The optics of the lenses means varifocals are inherently slightly distorted at the edges. Turning your head means you will be looking through the clearest part of the lens.

I will add my thoughts 

A.  Do be careful stepping off curbs.

B. Try them for 2 weeks or as long as your optician will allow whilst offering a free exchange to normal glasses.  Not sure if all do but Specsavers do so. 

c. If you can afford it go down the scale in lens edge distortion. The cheapest seem to have more edge blur and less of a  clear vision window (as can be seen in the image below).  I bought the 3rd up from a scale of 4 at Specsavers ie Superior.  

Image result for varifocals
Specsavers photo

This may seem like a sponsored post but it absolutely is not.  I paid for me glasses and my appointment.  


  1. Very interesting! I know I need varifocals and keep putting it off! How on earth did you get on with the PC?
    I'm keeping an eye (pardon the pun!) on what the outcome is, but sounds like you're doing ok xx

  2. How wonderful to be able to see everything properly again, you are so lucky to have found the right solution for you. You look beautiful in your frames and have saved yourself the cost of the more expensive telly, so happy days eh.
    Happy weekend, x.

  3. Over here we call them progressive lenses and I have struggled with them. It's a tough spot to be in when - I don't need much correction for distance but everything is blurry up close. I finally got a decent pair of glasses a few years ago but now I;m wearing contacts. They come with their own set of issues - I swear my changing eyesight has been my biggest complaint about my age!

  4. Very informative. I only wear glasses for reading fine print right now but I can see these being useful in the future!

  5. I tried varifocals last year. And I fell on someone when I was at a conference! Because I had been sitting for a while listening to one of the speakers and then wanted to stand up and got dizzy. So embarrassing! See you Sunday!!!

  6. I have really weird eyes. I had laser on one about 25 years ago, but it was so painful I never got the other done. So I wore lens in the other. Now one eye does reading and the other does distance!!

  7. I'm on my fourth pair of varifocals and this time they're great. Previously, I did used to take them off when I was reading. But, same as you, my short sightedness has improved and my reading vision has deterioriated, so now the vari focals are great for every situation. Yours look cool - I like the way your eyes are centred. This is how they should look. If you look around, most people are peering through the top of their glasses.

  8. I think I have to go to an optometrist to check my vision, I used to depend on my opthamologist but that's not really his job. He just checks my small cataract.


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