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Life in Outfits September

I have had the busiest time for work recently hence my posts are a bit tardy.  I won't apologise as I'm sure you haven't been hanging around waiting for me. In fact you probably didn't notice I was missing. I have enjoyed an enforced 90% social media blackout.  If you can't blog, IG or tweet its almost a detox.  Except, except I could access work emails, work Skype and my work laptop. All groan now.

Last week I was getting up at 5 to be in work for 8. I then had intense days working on a project in a room with global colleagues who had flown over. It was fun too. We went out to dinner at Las Iguanas one night and that entailed me getting home around 11.30 then another 5am wake up.

Although the days were intense I relaxed my office dress code to compensate.  Hey, something has to give. In my case structured skirts and jackets gave way to wide almost maxi skirts and a denim jacket.

I even wore a blouse with ladies in bikinis depicted on it from Boden a few years ago. How daring is that for work!

By Thursday I was fed up with sandwich lunches.  The bread was just sitting on my waist.  (I've put on 6lb since July) I resorted to taking in Mr Hims left over supper, cauliflower or salad.

This week I have been away for work and staying at the Marriott in Heathrow.  Where last week was an hour and a half commute this week was a stroll down the corridor from my room to the seminar room.  You would think I could get up at 8.50 wouldn't you. No. No breakfast at 7.30 for an 8 am start meant a 6.30 or 7 wake up. Still that's better than 5!
I wore a couple of dresses but not jackets.  I tried a relaxed jersey cardigan on the first day 

Necklace  M&S

 and on the second just wrapped a scarf pashmina style around my shoulders.  Sorry, no pic of the scarf. 

Dress Next but no longer available on line.  Maybe in store.  Its a thick denim if you are looking.

Necklace M&S maybe available in store but its no longer available on line

I drove to the hotel which added variety to my life, and confusion.  I never drive in London so was totally flummoxed by the pollution free zone signs.  Help! Do I stop? Do I pay? Do I, do I, er, do nothing as I'm on a dual carriage way!  ( the correct answer is nothing as I wasn't in a commercial vehicle).  I wasn't the only one confused by the sign I found when I talked to colleagues.

Well, as you can imagine after my first drive into the outskirts of London ever I needed a drink so changed into a top suitable for bubbles  and headed to the bar.

Look how the mid morning snacks were displayed at the conference.   Now there's an idea for your Adam Ant albums! 

Showaadywaddy and oranges

The Spinners! and macaroons

Or your dusty toasted sandwich maker.

Kitchenaid and cookies

or your Beta max video player

old radio and salmon bagels

What else? Well I went to see Simple Minds,  Pretenders and KT Tunstall. They were performing near us so on this occasion unlike the above we had a 10 minute drive from venue to home. It was bliss.

On Thursday this week I went to London for an evening reception at the Landing opposite the Walkie Talkie.  

I love how the Shard looks like an aerial to the walkie talkie from this angle

I took this night lights pic out of a huge picture window.  I quite like the effect of reflections and lights. 

Now I'm home and last night  soaked up 3 episodes of Jack Ryan!
What are you enjoying on TV at the moment?

My favourite thing of the day

That  A Discovery of Witches is coming to TV. I thought it sounded familiar when I saw the placards so I googled it. It is. I'm reading the book currently,   haha.  If I could be so bold I would really say read the book first.  I'm sure like many other adpations there will be bits skipped out.  So download or buy it, and spend a couple of days gorging on the novel then watch the show.  

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  1. Love the way you executed your working away from home wardrobe. I never knew a KitchenAid could be used to such effect in a buffet. The food looks amazing!

    SSG xxx

  2. You WERE missed, but it was worth the wait - loved your outfits, hearing about someone else's working life (to which I can so relate), all the juicy London tidbits, and great photos. Keep up the great work Across the Pond!

  3. Jack Ryan is our next show to watch. Can't wait. I've been watching Atypical on Netflix and Stay Here on Netflix too. Love all of your outfits and adventures!! I would not want to drive in London, no way no how! Brave you!

  4. Such lovely outfits! It I had an office to go to, I'd definitely be copying all of these. My husband just finished Jack Ryan and loved it!

  5. Exciting times! You packed a lot in. I live on the outskirts of London but never drive in central London. Love your outfits partic the spectacular nearly maxi and the yellow top.


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