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Making a Statement with Calla Shoes

Today I'm going to talk to you about bunions.  This follows on from talking about varifocals.  Yes its that age!  You may recollect that I tried out a gadget mentioned in this post. Hmm well it didn't go so well. I didn't see a great improvement in foot shape and it was a hassle to put on.  In fact you'd need to be a contortionist and let's face it that is less likely at my age than a number 9 bus!.  Yes this gadget is incongruous in its requirement for contortion and flexibility combined with the intended wearer having bunions.  Step in Calla Shoes.

Calla Shoes cater specifically to the bunion market.  I was looking for some stylish,  not 'mummsy',  shoes for work and what do you know,  I found these heels designed by Calla.  What particularly appealed was the platform,  which meant the heel elevation wouldn't be too steep for my back but still look chic in the office.  Look at the pretty feminine bow at the back.
stylish black high heels dress shoes for women with bunions

I have to say I've enjoyed strutting my stuff at a conference and in the office in these.  

They are now part of my shoe wardrobe under my desk on the office and I slip them on when I want to make a statement. A meeting,  a presentation, external visitors,  going to a reception,  or just to be taken seriously.

Who would have thought bunions could provide such statement chic!

Have you looked at Callas' website. It's quite prescriptive in helping you select the correct size  Calla is the brainchild of owner Jennifer Bailey, a bunion sufferer of the last 20 years and serial hunter of stylish and chic high heel shoes to wear for special occasions.
The gap in the market was clear to Jennifer. Many shoes look beautiful on the shelves but are either too narrow around the toe area to fit the bunions in comfortably, or designed so that the bunions are exposed, causing embarrassment, frustration and putting elegance out of reach.

I am particularly impressed with the measure my feet guide on their website

These shoes of mine are goats  leather but I admit that I spent some time wearing them in slowly to loosen the leather. 

This post contains gifted items. 

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  1. Tres chique! I love bows on shoes! I ll bet they are very comfortable!

    1. They need the normal breaking in but are very good quality

  2. They do look comfy and yes, I did spot them on IG and thought how beautifully they finished off your stylish corporate outfit. I enjoyed reading how the shoes gave you that feeling that you could take on the corporate world with ease and confidence. Certain shoes have that effect on me too, though their effect on me is less business, more sass!
    Have a fabulous weekend, oh inspiring twin from whom half a dozen outfits are spawned! X.

    1. Thank you twin and yes its amazing the difference the right shoes makes

  3. Very chic looking pair of shoes. I like the platform. You look great in them.

    1. Thank you Fonda. Are you doing the current gypo? I am but not good at posting as I am in work clothes all week. I've tagged you on IG to join my linkup

  4. I love my Calla shoes - I finally have a pair of pumps that work around my bunions!

  5. They look both amazing and comfy! Win, win!

    SSG xxx

  6. I'm delighted with my Calla shoes, they are similar style by blush suede - great for warmer weather, but alas not for the Autumn here. Your's will be perfect, thanks for sharing Anna. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  7. They do sound like comfy shoes, they also look so stylish. Thanks for sharing at #CreativeMondays, hope to see you tomorrow for our next blog hop :)

  8. This is awesome! You took a topic many women would shy away from and owned it. You look fantastic and I would never know you had a banion.


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