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Treading Ageism is Never in Style in Statement Boots with Nancy and Penny

I have to say dear fashionista,  that I had the most lovely and elegant time with Nancy and Penny a few  Sunday's back.  Nancy was in the UK for one if her little holidays and wandered over to the vicinity of Penny and I in Brighton.  Penny suggested the elegance of an 'afternoon tea'.  Oh, so British.  Oh, so Victorian.  Oh, so wrought iron and clotted cream.  Oh, so Orangery and cucumber sandwiches.  And it was.

Amongst the charm were two totally confident and comfortable over 50 ladies in heavy duty boots. 

Doesn't Nancy look gorgeous, although you can't see her boots

Grunge boots, with pezazz,  both of them.  Why does it always come down to boots when I go out with bloggers? Remember Anna,  Jackie and Gail here?    I then broke out and bought this pairs of babies. 

Image showing finery elmworth boots against background of grass

 Both forward thinking ladies wore their grunge boots with elegant skirts and tops.   I can see why they get on so well. They are sisters across the North sea!

We ate, and I made an inelegant mess as scones crumbled in my finger tips,  sipped breakfast tea and talked of blogging and how our real life friends don't understand us. 

But (I like to put bad grammer in italics as its there for conversational emphasis) you dear fashionista,  you understand us. And that's why we do it. Not for our friends but for you, and ourselves. So as we continue to grow and explore and be fierce, and guide you. To be a leading light to the younger generations. They need not fear age for we have gone before. In our statement boots we've  trodden the path of (The Biascut's)  'ageism is never in style.'  

Now after meeting Nancy and Penny I need to think on a pair of these.

Penny's boots

Do you know, I haven't even told you what I wore!  

A silly expression,haha.  This was a screenshot from a video.  You can tell can't you.

Mustard mules similar colour flats

My Favourite Thing of the Day

To paint my toenails for autumn.  Gone is the coral and in is the plum.  I have chosen to use my Leighton  Denny She's in Fashion  that came in the M&S box.  Whilst talking of nails though I have spotted this one on Amazon and its made my way to my basket for the festive season.  I learnt, in my gel nail post, that Infinite shine range is long lasting.

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  1. Oh that brings me back! I also published my post about the two of you! It really felt as if we knew each other for so long. Haha, and you need biker boots too now! But the color combination you were wearing was fabulous and looked very good on you. I love that blazer. You know exactly what suits you well!

  2. Anne, I adore all three of your posts! What a fabulously fun meet up of blogger friends. And yes, you do need a pair of black grunge I believe every forward thinking woman needs a pair of black grunge boots! And those snakeskin boots are so amazing, too. I need a pair of those! You all look so lovely and stylish and cool and chic in your own perfect styles. Such a great post!


  3. I think it's so fun that you all got together! No one really gets you like your blogging friends, right? Crazy but true they hold a special place in our hearts. Your afternoon tea looks so lovely!

  4. I love this post. How lucky you are to meet up with other bloggers. I am new to blogging but enjoying putting my weekly post together. It would be great to meet up with someone from the North West. P.S. love the new boots

  5. Great shoes on all of you! Are Penny's boots Doc Martens?

  6. Oh, I saw Nancy's post about your Tea. I love going out for tea with friends.

  7. Nice snakey boots! You three looked great. Haven't chosen this year's statement boots but they will be metallic again I fancy.

  8. This was truly a great meet-up and what a fantastic location. You've found yourself some triplets now! But how true, nearly three years on and I've still only told a select few in my circle about my blog, the ones I think will get it, so it's great to meet bloggers and find common ground. Not that I have much chance, living on an island 😖.
    Come to think of it, it was all about the boots on our first meeting. Clarks dependables, not glam, not grunge, just dependable. How life has moved on eh? Look at you now with your funky snakeskins!
    Weekend hugs to you my dear twin, x.

  9. I bet you had such a fun time! I love blogger meet ups!

    Emma xxx

  10. Your oh so British afternoon tea in Brighton would be on my bucket list.....


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