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5 Essential Bags

Handbags. Such a basic but can be oh so naughty.  Think Louis Vuitton.  Think Channel.  But I'm  not going there.  My purse won't go there. My purse wouldn't know what to do with itself in there! 

Today I want to talk about those boring everyday and  must have basic bags.

1. A bag for work

In my case a corporate bag. Corporate black in fact.  I just adore a large leather tote with essential commuter zip to protect against rain and pickpockets.  Mine is Conkca and a year old but you wouldn't know it.

 Having used it every day work day for a year it looks brand new.   I have found similar looking bags at M&S, whose quality I know as being good.

Leather tote M&S M&S UK UK
USA link  USA link

And Concka are available in Debenham's but I bought mine at the South of England show.

2.  A black minimist bag   

This is for lunches or dinners, pubs and bars.  Mine again is leather and again bought from the South of England showground, Christmas fair two years ago. 
A very good likeness in leather can be found here UK and   USA

3 .  An  everyday bag 

Mine is tan leather and I found it in a charity shop, waste not want not my mum used to say, and I'm not proud.  I am always looking for value.  I have found similar for you on Amazon on Amazon here
Or M&S similar or M&S UK here or  M&S USA here

This tan bag is my weekend shopping or visiting friends type bag. 

3. Travel  Bag

My beloved Lotus Houston   bag here .  Mine was gifted and I adore it. 
Blog mentioning the bag here when I took the bag to London . I also used it to travel to and from Tenerife as it is the right size for kindle, ipad, phone, papers and the inside pockets make it so easy to compartmentalise and see the paraphernalia you need to pull out at airports. 

4  A  clutch bag – 

I'm sorry but I can't find you similar on line but do keep your eyes out for something similar.  mine open up to an everyday shoulder bag size and have a strap but can be folded over and clipped with the strap removed to create a clutch.  If you can find an adaptable bag like that buy yourself two, as I have done. 

5. Evening bag 

Mine is my beloved Lulu Guinness  lips bag.  I found similar available on  QVC UK  for you. 

Movie version of the blog is here. 

 My favourite thing of the day

This time it is a considered purchase but.  A good 7 years ago I bought a Ninja blender.  My reasons were that it was several gadgets in one.  I was sold on the blender alone but this thing would/could blend ice.  It came with  a separate blender cup (2) so as I could make smoothies.  My Ninja lasted for family meals, making soups for my now dearly departed father when he was in hospital, making smoothies for me, my daughters now grown up using it for their cooking etc, etc.

This week I was making a smoothie for breakfast and it came stuck, not unstuck, just stuck.  On top of that the blender gadget had broken a year ago so I was just using it for smoothies. 

I hunted on line for similar and looked at Vitamix and a few other brands.  However the price comparison once again led me back to Ninja. For what I could get for the price this was once again the most economic.  

This post contains a gifted item and affiliate links

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  1. I love your Lips bag! I always have to carry my oxygen supply, as you saw, that means that I am very limited in bags. But Gerben spotted a black with studs one, actually in Brighton a few days after we met, that he custom made for my device!

  2. oooo that Lotus Houston bag is fabulous - not wonder you love it so much! Hope you are having a great start to the week xx Maria

  3. Lulu Guiness makes some beautiful things, but I never get a chance to take them out now unfortunately. Its a cross body large mum bag for me these days!

  4. I do love that big brown one, very versatile #GlobalBlogging

  5. I also have an everyday black tote - so handy for stashing the laptop and other stuff! The lips bag is cute. I like a cross-the-body bag too because they act as a portable purse and very handy for stashing the money and Oyster card when in London!

  6. All lovely, but wait til you retire, retirement is nigh-on bagless!! I have a little shakes machine too, don't you just love these little bundles of blitziness? Hugs twin, x.

  7. Love the black satchel, the buckle gives it a lot of style.
    X, Julie |

  8. I love purses and enjoyed seeing yours. Visiting you from the style splash link up.

  9. I only really use two bags: 1 everyday one and one smarter one. My everyday one has just changed as the old one was getting a bit worn but my new one is too close in colour to my raincoat so I think I need to change it again! Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging


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