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5 Ways with a Denim Jacket

The denim jacket.  A staple for we midlifers.  I sometimes wonder whether it dates us, like a perm on our grandmothers.  I mean, I don't ever see my daughters or their friends in one.  Yet, I won't give mine up. In fact I only got mine when I was 40.  I arrived at that landmark and on waking thought 'i need a denim jacket.'  It has to be on a 50 things to have owned  by the age of 41 list somewhere.  

My one and only jacket comes from Next and is now 16 years old and going strong.  In the spring and autumn it comes into its own as its just, well, warm, and it's breathable.  They are versatile and can easily add that dress down vibe to an outfit. At this time of year it's such a great alternative to a sweater, or cardigan. 

I have found 5 ways that I wear my beloved jacket.  Again, sorry but I am economising on my time by using video pictures.  Still, you can have a laugh at my animated face.  Do you like the backdrop, by the way?  This is a room in transition.  It was one of the girls' bedrooms and now I am turning it into a guest room.  A sofa bed is on its way and will be against this wall in November.  For now its my vlogging backdrop, and very pretty and ditsy it is too.  

Look 1

When the sun is shining and the sky is not yet winter solstice dark I will still wear white jeans.  Here I have used a colourful vest to add interest.

 Boden similar White jeans

Look 2

I just love animal print at this time of year and it's currently very on trend. Leopard goes so well with denim I think.  Add a splash of gold in your accessories and you are away. 

Denim jacket similar similar
Black jeans old and generic
Leopard print top similar similar or a tunic tucked in (mine isJ) here

Look 3 

Dressing down a pleated skirt using denim and sneakers. Add a long gold pendant for that smart element that says 'I am dressed up really.'

Bee trainers  Hollie (Bees may no longer be available but dots are) 
UK link UK link
                                US link US link
                           Australian link Australian link
Blue pleated skirt similar similar

Look 4 

Dressing down a midi skirt, button down/up shirt with a denim jacket.  

Paperbag waist skirt from Marks and Spencer similar style similar

Look 5

You can't ignore a dress and jacket and using denim for transitioning a summer dress is so classic its  a cliche in  a blog.  

Suggest you google Pretty woman spotted dress, haha

My Favourite thing of the day

I have bought my slippers of the winter, yay.  For the last 30 years I have  used Marks and Spencer mule slippers and I am not changing now.  I like the slight wedged heel. I find that really comfortable on my legs and on my back.  Particularly if I'm going through a bad back phase then the height of these are just right to take the pressure off my spine.  In store this year are navy, and black and gold ones.  I have had both of those pairs before (for some reason the designs haven't changed for a few years.)  This year there is an online special in a different pattern and colour way to ones I have had before so I am now the proud owner of these silver and black mule slippers UK link  and USA link 

If black and silver aren't your jam then these are the navy ones  floral Braid wedge UK link and USA link  and  here the gold and black that I had last winter floral print mule gold and black and USA link 

If black with bows are more up your street then here Bow Mule uk link  and USA link.  These bow ones come in navy and grey too.

This post contains affiliate links but it costs you nothing. 

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  1. I always like it with the white jeans for contrast! I love my denim jacket too!

  2. Lovely post, lovely looks. What's not to love about the jeans jacket. I think I do see "youngsters" in them, but I'll keep my eyes peeled now, intrigued. Hugs, x.

  3. Denim is always tops in my book. I have my Mom's old denim jacket and one that I thrifted last year. I love your idea of the sneakers and pleated skirt.

  4. I can t remember I didn t have a denim jacket! Always combined with a Leopard scart! Have a great weekend Anna!

  5. I do think that the denim jacket is one of those classic pieces for women of any age!! In fact, I just got mine out to wear for blog photos this weekend!!!

  6. So much inspiration as we head into denim jacket weather here too! My favourite look of yours is the pleated jacket and trainers combination! Hoping to borrow your idea!

    SSG xxx


  7. I'm going to pop into Next and have a look at their Denim jackets. I see this fits you really well, so that's the place for me to try. xx

  8. I love my denim jacket too Anna, it came from Peacocks yonks ago! They just go with anything. Love all of your styles. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  9. You look great in a denim jacket. I've never had one (except a white one, does that count?) - haven't been able to find one that suits me. So very envious when I see a cool one like yours and the variations it offers for outfits!

  10. This looks so stylish on you! Especially with look number 4... stunning! I have to admit that the only time I owned one of these is when I was under 20. I haven't dared to give it a go since. But... maybe I could be convinced now after seeing how you have styled it. Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam linky. Hope to see you back soon for next week x


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