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6 Ways to do Double Denim

Today I am doing a cross millennial, cross media post for I am collaborating with a lady who brings a fresh of youthful air to my blog this week. Maria of Artsy Cupcake.  Let me introduce you to Maria.

Maria's bio
I make weekly blogs and videos with quick tips on how to perfect the art of life, home, health and style. I am a designer, newlywed and mom to two cats. I hope to build a warm and welcoming community who can share tips and tricks with each other. Let's make life the best it can be. Welcome to the Artsy Cupcake Crew!

How did I meet this breath of youth?  Well we met on instagram and noticed that we have similar size Youtube channels and there bore the idea of a collaboration.  So today I bring you a How to Wear Double Denim blog.

My pics are once again animated. I'm sure that in someway this makes you  smile  scream with horror  but I once again forgot to take separate pics as I was recording a video.  Anyway that aside the message is how to wear double denim and here are a few ways that  I would.  

Double denim can be a bit John Wayne I know but it can also look not too yeehah.  I think the trick is to use modern cuts or varying colours.  Having said that there is a school of thought that the denim worn identically as a suit also looks great, but in that event the cut, I think, should be modern and not bring images of  High Chaparral.

Look 1

You have seen this before. It was an easy look to try first as I knew it worked having worn it to the cinema and for a meal

                            jeans my current  favourites And/Or

coat Eva Trends no longer in stock

Look 2

A bit of fun with an Australian Barmah hat as I do break out  my Etta Place look (aka Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid).  

shirt similar

Swap the hat for a modern Madewell T shirt that says Welcome to the Badlands

Look 3

Swap out the jeans for a skirt  Plant a smug look on your face as you trot  sidesaddle around the bedroom

shirt similar

Try tucking in shirt the over the T and accessorize with a look of surprise that your holster is missing

Go classic and drop the T-shirt, and smile with delight that the skirt fits. 

shirt similar

 Look 4

Swap the shirt for a shirt dress and wear it as a coat or duster, and use an expression of 'am I too old for this?'

Shirt dress similar UK link

Skirt similar 
 Look 5

Use the dress as a dress and add denim coloured leggings for a sleek line.  To finish cast eyes skywards  to ask  'how many am I up to now?'

Look 6

Burst into 'One wheel on my wagon '  wearing  denim jacket with chambray shirt and black jeans (that are not denim).  

                                                            shirt similar

Jacket similar 

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movie version of this post is below

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  1. You know I am not a huge fan of denim, but I love double denim! I love the blouse and skirt look and the denim dress look! Fabulous! Have a great weekend!

  2. Loved your looks Anna! So fun doing this collab with you! :-) Maria

  3. Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup. Great ways how to wear double denim.


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