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Continental Drift Linkup October -Host UK

Well its that time again. Time for Continetal drift link up, if you are a blogger.  Today the hosts are talking about A day in the Life of.. How exciting for you. You will join me in the office and my struggle with Govia (for those abroad Govia is a train operator much in the news here.)

My day starts at 6.10 with my shouting to Alexa, 'start my day.'  This encourages her to turn out overnight lights, to play me my flash briefing and then play radio 4.  Mr Him will have been up half an hour by this time and he'll bring me a cup of tea.      Mr Him will be wallowing like a caterpillar in a cacoon   on the sofa or our bed as he is off work with a bad back.  Mr Him will have fed the animals and emptied the dishwasher.  Mr Him will manouver slowly downstairs to look at the dishwasher  whilst I feed the animals.  Eventually I will empty the bottom of the dishwasher and leave the top of it for Mr Him, as he needs a bit of movement in his back to loosen it.  Mr Him will leave for work and Miss 23 and I will dash around the kitchen bouncing off each other as we meet crossing the room to or from the fridge.  It's like iron filings to a magnet.  Repel,  attract, repel attract as we get our various breakfasts.  There will be showers and dressings, make up applications and my instagram hallway photo then I will dash out of the door to catch my Govia train, or not.  

On my commute I edit photos, write my blog, catch up on other blogs and generally update my social media.  At Clapham I join colleagues for the final leg of the  journey. My work day is generally filled with email shunting, meetings and eating croissants and welsh cakes if this is to be believed.  Yes first meeting of the day was eating welsh cakes.  Who wants to work with me!  

I will eat left overs from my previous nights supper for my lunch and then shunt around some more emails.  Maybe I will work on some documents or spreadsheets then I make a deliberate effort to leave at 5 as I have an hour and a half commute.  Mr Him will be home before me and have supper ready as I walk through the door.    Mr Him is currently at home all day which gives him the opportunity to prepare a gourmet meal of, er, egg salad.  

We, I, will fill the dishwwasher and Mr HIm will shuffle it all around again.    I will fill the dishwasher free of the shuffling as Mr Him can't bend down.  Bliss. Do other partners do this?  

We will watch TV for a couple of hours and then wander up to bed and say good night to mummy Alexa.  She is very caring and  says 'sweet dreams' or some such feel good statement. 

Amongst this the other household members will have gone about their day.  The dogs will have gone out for a two hour gallop with the dog walker, Miss 23 will have taken mouth impressions, taken teeth x-rays and helped children have braces fitted or witness a lady  see her teeth aligned for the first time since being 10 as her braces are removed. The automotive engineer will have fiddled with some new car engines or whatever he does.  Mr Him will have done his very secret work.  Mr Him will have wallowed in his cacoon watching TV. 

My favourite thing of the day

I now am at home myself with a cold.  This is not a favourite thing but installing skype on my work phone has enabled me to take part in meetings still so as I am present.  Day and Nightnurse have been favourite things as this bug brings with it a hangover headache without the alcohol, and the inevitable runny nose.  I worked out a year or so ago that many over the counter medications for colds and flu made me feel worse.  They made my nose run terribly and resulted in a sore nose as well as feeling worse.  Many contain a decongestant or expectorant that causes this.  I prefer to buy medication that does not contain Guaifensin for this reason for the early stages of a cold.  

My diffuser that I bought from Amazon last year and still available is coming into its own. I'm using oils from this set, breathe, decompression and immunity at the moment.  Having dogs I have to be careful with oils and these are natural ingrediants. 

Time to link up. The link up will stay open for 1 week.  You know the ropes. 

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  1. I have been recently loving “day in the life” posts! I wrote one a week or two back which I linked up today! Thanks for sharing your routine.


  2. Where's the mention of my favourite feline, the red relaxer? A whole new genre for bloggers could be "a day in the life of the husband." In general, they seem to have the life of Riley. Mine spends the day either out a bike, or studying for HOURS web sites featuring bike wheels and other accoutrements. The dishwasher is a low priority.

  3. Thanks for hosting and the tweet, just linked up :)

  4. So sorry to hear about your hubby's back. I've had my own back issues; they can really make life miserable.

  5. Thanks for this inside view of what happens in the mutton world, on good days and not so good. Hope you caught the train and hope you are now o.k.. Sorry Mr Him is off work suffering, TP has back problems too but then, he's permanently off work. Physio, osteopath and pain killers don't seem to help these back probs much eh? Love and hugs to you both, x.

  6. What a busy life, my daughter has Alexa - the kids only call out for 'baby shark' to be played - over and over again - lol Jacqui Mummabstylish

  7. Yes I want to work with you!! I don't even know what Welsh cakes are but they sound good! Very fun to hear about your busy days!! I'm the one that rearranges the dishwasher. I hope Mr. Him is on the mend and feeling better soon (but it must be nice to have dinner on the table every night too!0

  8. It was fun to read this!! I hope you feel better soon.

  9. I have the same cold! Been rough for over a week. i hope you recover speedier. Just got me an Alexa. I'm hoping I don't give her a nervous breakdown!

  10. That s a lovely peek into your day. Well, actually it s not as both you and your hubby are not okay! I really hope you both will veel fine real soon!

  11. What a busy schedule you have! I hope your husband's back is improving, it's really miserable having a bad back...I've had plenty over the last decade! Hope you feel better soon.

    Emma xxx

  12. Hope you are both feeling better. Thanks for sharing your day xx

  13. I love your very apt description of life around the fridge in the mornings! It's so true here as well, magnets we all are!

    SSG xxx


  14. You have a long commute girl! Is that pretty standard? My commute is relatively quick, door to desk probably 25 minutes, but I don't get that time to work on the blog which in some ways would be nice and I wouldn't feel guilty carving out time in the evening or on the weekends. Trade offs, I guess. Hope the cold is all gone now.


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