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October Bits and Bobs in Outfits

Some months I just want to have a catch up at home and  I want my body and mind to go 'ahhh'.  Hence, I really haven't done much recently and outfit pics are almost nonexistent.
I had a few days at home from work with a bug that's going around. In the past I would have struggled into work but I thought, darn it, no one thanks you for it. In fact they are annoyed at the germs being spread around. And if it comes to an office restructure when did anyone say 'oh that role won't go, Johnny is never off sick.'   Never.   So darn it, me first. 

So I lay on the sofa soaking up Netflix and Prime and rested albeit joining Skype meetings.  Got to love Skype!

We had some friends over for a Sunday meal and I broke out a jumpsuit.  

You know I love them but can't get totally on board as I am thinking of the practicalities.  I have one jumpsuit. Its short sleeved jersey and in khaki/olive.  There needs to be a goldilocks moment for this jumpsuit as the weather has to be right for jersey and for short sleeves ie temperate, the season fall to accomodate khaki/olive, the venue - my house, so as I can accomodate bathroom logisitcs comfortably.  The planets aligned in September for the first time since I bought this 3 years ago and I was able to wear it. And do you know, I really liked wearing it.  I need to entertain at home every September and October now.  I must diarise that this minute. 

My husband thought he was being funny putting a straw into a bottle of coffee liqueur that my blogger friend Nancy bought me.

A couple of weekends ago hubs and I went the Ardingly showground for the Autumn Game Fair.  I dressed down in one of my favourite H&M cardigans, similar here  or here .  I wore cropped jeans, a masala top (do you remember that colour, so several years ago but do I care!)  I added my long elephant pendant to break the top, leopard tote and good quality leather boots. Sunnies to finish off. 

                                 Elephant necklace in silver available Accessorize

Except it wasn't the last accessory. There was one more item.  WIth a bit of the persuasion appropriate for the season, I managed to get this broom to heel and to let me climb aboard.

The broom didn't join us at the show but it looks like I added a scarf as a last thought doesn't it.  Yes, I am heading to a gin stall (sshh, Christmas presents.)  Really!!  Look at those farming types, epitome of English countryside aren't they. Then look at me, a wannabe fashionista!  We have one thing in common, gin. 

Last Friday I played with wearing tan and black.  I think it works.  I am really enjoying shopping my wardrobe.  This cardigan is a sale item from several years ago, and the top a sale item from last spring that I hadn't worn yet (waiting for long sleeve weather.)  See my trusty elephant pendant again. The leopard belt is one that came with some M&S chinos. 

                                   Elephant necklace in silver available Accessorize

Your Favourite thing of the month

It seems that I am not the only one who loves my Marks and Spencer's slippers.  You are snapping these up.  Here are the links again for those that haven't seen them silver and black mule slippers UK link  and USA link 

My Favourite Thing of the Day

I like a pretty garden but I don't particularly like the doing of it.  I can't say I'm one for knowing how to plant out borders or pots and what goes with what.  I am really pleased then to have prepared these pots last weekend.  I used Cyclamen,  Primulas, Pansies and in one pot there is a Pink.  I hope that I have built an appropriate autumn/winter floral display for the porch area around our front door. If you are a gardening klutz like me then here are my pots for you to copy. Easy peasy, or is it easy pansy. 


  1. I think that is a fabulous jumpsuit! You really should wear it more often, the color is fantastic! I love English fairs, and gin..... And the liqueur! Haha, we had Friends for dinner last weekend and had the liqueur too!

  2. That olive jumpsuit is YOU and your observations about optimum jumpsuit conditions are spot on! Love your cardis outfits and your broomstick work too!! Hugs, x.

  3. Enjoyed your bits and bobs. Black and tan is a great combo. Agree with you on germs in the office - I wish people wouldn't do it, particularly if they commute on public transport!! Your pots look pretty - finishing off my spring bulb pots this weekend. It's a bit of a chore but worth it next year.

  4. Good for you for staying home when you were sick - you are RIGHT, YOU first! As much as I like a jumpsuit I feel the same way about them. I only own one right now and I think that's enough. Your comments as you visited the gin stall cracked me up, you are an entertaining writer Anna!

  5. The jumpsuits is amazing and suits you perfectly
    this is the perfect autumn look my dear :)
    Thank you for sharing your lovely impressions with us :)

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

  6. I love your jumpsuit and those 3/'4 length jeans #GlobalBlogging

  7. I have never worn a jumpsuit (too worried that it will be complicated to go to the loo!) but I always think they look great. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging


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