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October Layering and a Ramble

Hooray, it's Friday.   Time to relax maybe.  Although it isn't. It's chores and shopping and cooking and looking after family.  Why do we look forward to Friday. I guess its drilled into us from our school days.   

Anyway, have you decorated for Halloween?  Our shops are full of all things orange and purple at the moment.  I bet yours are too.

Cardigan Primark
sneakers old

Despite holding a pumpkin I haven't decorated and we won't as the children are now adults.  I did notice that Waitrose had some fun decorations in their bar.  

Yes, bar. Yes, we had a little drink there one evening. 

 It is surreal drinking in a supermarket I have to say but they do make a good job of creating a relaxing atmosphere on the sidelines of the aisles.  Have you ever had a drink in a supermarket?

I'm enjoying renewing my friendship with my autumn clothes now that the chillier weather is here.  I've dug out knitwear and scarves, ankle boots and gillets.  And layering, oh and layering. I love layering.   Here is my Laura Ashley coat making an appearance for the first time this season.  This was a particularly chilly morning in which I found this coat just right of keeping warm to get to work. 

For work I'm back into jackets   

and long sleeves.  Spot the slippers, silver and black mule slippers UK link  and USA link 

 Then there's casual Friday. I just love layering up on casual Fridays.

My Favourite Thing

I'm reading,  um, listening to, When You Disappeared.   It's a character driven yarn which I know is very popular.    It's a ramble through two people's lives,  the good and bad and the quite ugly.  A compelling read as you wonder what is the devastatingly terrible thing that Simon did in the past.  I listen to audible as I walk from the station in the evenings and when I run at the weekend. 

 My next venture will be plot driven and I've downloaded The Woman in Cabin 10. 

What have you been reading or listening to?

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  1. Even though my kids are grown and are away at school I still decorate. I guess it's for my pleasure, I love any holiday decor! Your work wardrobe is so polished - I love it. That Laura Ashley coat looks so warm! Confession - I have not listened to anything on audible. I need to - I love a good story!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh sadly we don't celebrate Halloween that much here, another reason why it's better in the uk! Drinks in the super market? Whaa, another reason!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I'm in Essex with only a lightweight jacket! I can't wait to get home and dig out the forgotten items for winter.
    Liking the Primark cardigan xx

    1. Thank you, i just collect these cardigans as I add one each year it seems

  4. Some lovely style here. Autumn is great for layering. #GlobalBlogging

  5. I love the long line cardigan and coat on you, they look so stylish and warm for winter #GlobalBlogging

  6. No, never had a drink in a supermarket. Do the shoppers stare?
    So pleased that your asymmetric skirt is back for winter, it can do no wrong in my eyes.
    Happy layering, x.

  7. Thanks so much for joining us on the #DreamTeam this week

  8. I've enjoyed Autumn layering too - but it really is calling for gloves and hats already. My hands and ears get so cold!! xx Maria


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