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Spa Break with Is this Mutton

Have you ever been on a spa break?  I hadn’t until my blogger pal Gail from Is this Mutton? suggested that one should be our next Deux Mouton trip (the two sheep, get it?)  I’m muttonstyle, she’s is this mutton, oh never mind.  As the Deux Mouton we booked a stay at the Alexander House Hotel and Spa.  A spa  stay is not a cheap experience so we decided to share a twin room as a cost effective option.  We were well looked after, and not because we were bloggers (we were attending as fully paying guests for our own relaxation. ) From the moment we raised a foot  to climb the stairs to the foyer our luggage was removed from our  hands  and we were offered a tour of the facilities by the concierge.

Sadly, two days before attending I had sliced a finger on a blender blade. There’s a warning to you, do not put the blades somewhere where a hand can slide past and be sliced.  My finger was butterfly stitched, cleaned and monitored  by my two attentive and trained first aiders at home.  However it did mean that the swimming pool was out of the question for me.  Still, I could use the Jacuzzi with judicious application of a Marigold glove.  It was only as I was wading in the rather stately sized Jacuzzi that I realised I looked like the Statue of Liberty with her raised turquoise arm. 

Who does she think she is, the Statue of Liberty!

I have to say that although the carpark was full, we hardly saw anyone in the facilities. It honestly felt like we were alone, almost.  I think we saw perhaps 10 other guests  in total during the 24 hour stay. 

muttonstyle image showing M&S everywear trousers

With such a short visit we were determined to make the most of our stay.  We started our visit with   lunch 

followed by settling into the room and donning swimming costumes and robes.   

First stop the Jacuzzi, 

followed by a massage and then a facial.

Whilst it was lovely dipping into the spa we really didn't make the most of our gorgeous room,  and bathroom. 

Just look at the marble bath area, separate shower and l'occitane toiletries.  

Bathrobes and slippers were waiting for us, and we used them.

The Utopia Spa uses Ila and Temple Spa products.  My facial was the Gold Cellular Age Restore. (Gold Cellular RestoreI have to say I was so restored that I asked to be put in the ‘recovery room’ afterwards instead of the relation room!

I’m wearing my Marks and Spencer Everywear trousers in foliage which sadly are not available anymore in this pattern. 


trousers style here but different colours Everywear trousers  . I have these in black too.  They are just so comfortable 

I like the Tshirt as it does not have a pocket and is a high V-neck rather than cleavage flashing. I’d just size up one if I was buying this again. Very cheap too.

 Cardigan similar here UK link 
Tshirt exact from Amazon.  UK link 

Sneakers, old  from Sketchers.

The evening meal was very high calibre and too much for me.  I felt totally full and didn't have dessert.  I didn't even eat all of my potato. 


I wore a feather print  jersey tunic that wouldn’t crease in packing, pleather leggings, and gold sandals.  All old I’m afraid but there are similar available and I've listed a Get the Look below

Get the Look

Dress options to wear with leggings dress option 1 UK and Dress 2 UK  or  Dress option 3 UK  then for US readers  Dress option 1  or Dress option 2

Leggings   similar UK  . Mine are several years old from Next though.  Leggings Similar for USA

Sandals very similar for UK readers  Sandals UK readers similar, very similar  and US readers here are some that would work Sandals USA readers

Bag, a  very good likeness in leather can be found here UK and   USA

After dinner we found our room had been thoughtfully sorted for us with water put out by our respective beds, the beds turned down and a wipe put out for hands.  I could have stayed forever.  

We headed to the jacuzzi and sauna again the following morning and did not partake of the breakfast. I was still full from the night before. After the pool area I dressed simply and casually again in a striped Breton in Navy and Ecru which as usual is several years old but still available so I have listed it below, an AW2016 pair of grey jeans and a burgundy gillet/vest that I did buy recently from Amazon  exact one here.

After I had dropped Gail at the station I returned to the Spa and joined a skin care class. I say joined, I was the only participant so I had personal service.  Anyway it involved removing my newly applied makeup and giving myself a facial with Temple spa products.  By the time I got home I was blissed out and my skin was soft and glowing.S

Would I go to a spa again?  I certainly hope I get the chance and yes I would return to 


  1. Looks like you both had a fabulous time and were well and truly spoiled.

  2. Nice! I like the photos you took of the building. I meant to ask you what happened at the skin care talk!

    1. I'll write more on the skin care talk in another post. It was well worth attending

  3. Wow, I want this same experience (minus the sliced finger,lol). What a beautiful setting and it sounds like you were spoiled in the most luxurious of ways! They would have had to kick me out as I would never want to leave!

    1. It was tough to leave as we were treated very very well. All the staff were lovely.

  4. Oh how the other half live, puts our meet-ups to shame! What a fab time, meeting up with the lovely Gail, the luxury surroundings, the pampering. This was a fab post to read and I bet you too will be rushing to meet up again soon! Hugs, x.

  5. I saw this on IG stories - how divine. I hope you're finger is one the mend and wasn't too sore. Love the rubber glove though = very stylish. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  6. Hope your cut is healing well, A. The spa getaway looks and sounds like it was fab.

    SSG xxx

  7. What a fun weekend! I'm sorry that you had an injured hand, but it doesn't look like it stopped you from having a great time!

  8. Looks like a lovely place. Good to treat yourselves. As I said to Gail enjoyed watching the live! xx

  9. It looks very grand there - that bath is stunning! I've only been to spas for a day, and that was a long time ago. I love your trousers and feather print tunic. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  10. I went to a spa day as part of a hen party but would love a proper weekend treat! What a shame about your hand injury, glad you were still able to enjoy your spa. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

  11. What a lovely place to visit. I could do with a spa day :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays :) Hope you can join us today.


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