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Bamboo Clothing - A New Tunic Top

What does weekend mean to you?  Perhaps if you are retired it means little as one day rolls into another, or perhaps not for the 'not-retired-retired'. I still work for employment Monday to Friday so weekends are precious.  Some are packed with seeing friends and family and some just nothing, ah nothing. image showing bamboo clothing tunic

Those nothing weekends are in themselves precious. It's a time to recharge and recuperate from an active week.  As I approach retirement in 5 years or so I am thinking how my wardrobe will look.  Maybe it will contain a lot of yoga pants and lounge wear because maybe I'll go ahhh. Maybe it won't. Who's to say how I'll approach my retirement from office work. Maybe I'll turn to part time consulting work, but even then I can see yoga pants and comfortable clothing being useful for the working at home days. 

For now,  whilst still a commuting office  woman with a need to go aaah at weekends, I have just discovered a perfect, for me, brand of clothes that I can relax in. Stylish to wear out and comfortable for around the house.  Have you heard of Bamboo Clothing Company?  My brother gave me some bamboo socks a few years ago and said 'bamboo socks are the future.'  I think he's right.  We are hearing so much about the damage that fast fashion is doing to our environment that maybe we should be thinking more about natural and replenishable fibres.

Luna is so funny.  He reverses himself to sit on our laps on the floor

Wearing lounge wear and active wear that looks attractive doesn't get easier than this top from Bamboo Clothing . It's breathable, not overly hot in anyway (great for those flushes) and soft.  Wouldn't something from this brand make a great gift for yourself, your sister, brother, mother in law, daughters and sons?    I can tell you that my top will keep coming out of my closet and be a repeat wear, in the house and out. image showing bamboo clothing tunic

I chose this warm auberginey colour ( fig marl ) for its warm looks and versatility.  It will go with grey, denim, black and even navy too.   

A cowl neck is so flattering I think. image showing bamboo clothing tunic

The tunic style makes this perfect for leggings 

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of bamboo clothing then take a look at this list.  I spotted UV protective, antibacterial, moisture wicking (think of those flushes), biodegradable, grows naturally. 

Do browse the website of Bamboo Clothing Company.  There are quite a few items that caught my eye, from socks to hoodies and loungewear in between. 

This post contains a gifted item.

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  1. This looks fab on and I love a cowl neck xx

  2. I love how soft bamboo socks are. Love your tunic too, it is a gorgeous colour, perfect through Winter! xx Maria

  3. Looks fashionable, comfortable and cool. What isnt there to like about it

  4. Sounds like great lounge wear! You have quite a modern interiour for Brittish homes, haven t you?

  5. I think bamboo is a great idea, I've never tried it but I like the idea. Your top looks terrific - enjoy it!

  6. I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of free socks (a random thing, nothing to do with being a blogger) by the company, who are based in my former home city of Plymouth. The socks are great, so soft, and will definitely buy more bamboo items.

  7. Such sweet dogs, and playful photos. Weekends are still sorta special in retirement, thanks to Sundays which still stand out from the rest of the week.
    Hugs for Sunday, x.

  8. I'm off for a look, I love your tunic top #GlobalBlogging

  9. Lovely cosy top. I don't own any bamboo clothes yet but my friend bought her stepson some bamboo socks and now he won't wear anything else! I'll have to get some to see what they feel like. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  10. I had no idea about using bamboo for clothes! I'm going to check them out now, thanks for linking up with #globalblogging


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