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New Navy Booties | Lotus Shoes

The next few weekends will be busy for me with a few adventures and then it will be winter and before we know it it will be Christmas.  So  before that general business we spent last weekend relaxing and  soaking up the final warm days of autumn enjoying the crunchy golden leaves, before the rot sets in. You know the rot I'm talking about,  the cold easterly wind that will blow the leaves away, and the rain that will dampen their burnish. image showing Lotus navy boots

At this time of year a look that I really enjoy is a pleated skirt with a knitted sweater.  I am one of juxtapositions and in some ways this in one is as the skirt is satin and the sweater wool.  

I had been looking for a navy ankle boot to add to my collection, because sometimes only navy will do won't it.  Navy in footwear is unexpected.  Navy is that perfecting finishing touch for this skirt.  Navy will look great with camo or  olive jeans.  Navy will add the chic to a navy work outfit. 

These ankle boots, or booties, are from Lotus shoes .  Do you know Lotus?   I've taken this little snippet from their website.  I don't think they'll mind, haha.  

With a history spanning 250 years, Lotus has an outstanding reputation for offering women and men a variety of essential footwear styles that are of exceptional quality and fit. 

A zip on the inside makes them easy to put on.

These leather Stride boots come in 4 colours, black, bordo, tan and these  navy ones.  I thought navy would be a good addition to my boot wardrobe as they will give me tons of styling options.

Look,  I'm having fun already!

I love the button detail down the outside.  These buttons are decoration only. 

These boots took no wearing in.  They are just so soft and pliable.  I sprayed them with leather protector of course.

I was sent these boots for review.  I just adore them.  I take a size 3 and these fit perfectly. Being leather they will mold to my foot over time.  

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  1. You had a cosy weekend, scrunching through those leaves and recharging. Sorry I couldn't get over to meet up. Hugs, x.

  2. When my old navy shoes wore out I started looking for a new pair, and was surprised that none of the stores I went in carried the color any more!

  3. Oh I love those buttons on the boots! Really good! And your skirt!!! Love it. I bought a black pleated skirt a few weeks ago! Haven t worw it yet but I love pleated skirts!

  4. I love navy, a nice change from the standard black. You'll get lots of use from those too!

  5. You can't beat a pair of boots that will go with everything. These look fab Anna xx

  6. Great looking boots love the button outside & zipped for function

  7. lovely outfit, the navy boots look great

  8. Super cute! Like the skirt too! #Globalblogging

  9. Thanks for joining my linkup party. You look stunning in this skirt. Congrats on getting a day at Bon Marche! You rock, lady!

  10. I haven't worn a skirt in months! Too cold already for me! Love the navy boots though and they'd go greta with my trousers. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

  11. Those boots will go with everything!!

  12. Thanks for joining the #linkup, I love that boots, they look great with your pleated skirt. I bought another in Abu Dhabi, but have yet to style and wear it. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  13. Fabulous boots Anna! I love the button detail, and the heel height is perfect. Gorgeous pleated skirt too. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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