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New Tunic Top and Me

I don't know about you but I love wearing leggings.  The problem is finding a collection  of the right tunics to wear with them.  Take  pleather jeggings for example.  I will not wear these without some sort of coverage to upper thigh. 

So you can imagine my delight then when I saw that  Tina Bucknall Fashion (a local boutique to me) stocked this sweater tunic.

The beauty of this solution is that my pleather jeggings are the temperature of the in between seasons. Too hot for summer too cold for winter.  Now is their goldilocks zone.  This sweater  is perfect for those same temperatures.  A match made on the high street, don't you think!

I wore this top out to a gastro pub (The Gardiners Arms) on Saturday where I indulged in my love of the British pub pie.  There's nothing like it to my mind. If I see pie on the menu I stop there and darn the calories in the puffed pastry crust. If it has a soggy pastry bottom all the better.

This top comes in a few colours. I think this mustard colour is popular as I saw at least one was sold at the South of England show on Saturday.  It was on their rail in the morning and gone in the afternoon.  Dear local person,  did you buy it? I hope you get many happy outfits  out of it as I intend to.

This top also  goes beautifully with my denim jeggings and navy lotus boots too.

image showing made in italy sephora leaf top Tina Bucknall Fashion

Look how the weather is playing ball to show you the expanse of the material.   I booked the wind of course as a photographic tool, haha. You can tell that I am deeply in wind wishing stance. The closed eyes are a give away. 

Tina Bucknall are having a little event on Saturday so do pop along to  Hurstpierpoint, 85 High Street and say hi.

I'll be there for sure.

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This posted contains gifted items chosen by me. 


  1. Loving the shade and drape of the sweater . Wouldn't it be fun if you and the other purchasers of said sweater could enjoy a gentle challenge on the sweater choices .

  2. I love the feather design on your jumper - it's a beautiful colour too! xx Maria

  3. Love the tunic/sweater - it looks great on you. Anything with fullnessis great for comfort. I enjoy finding small boutique shops but they seem to be few and far between although I am lucky enough to have one which is just 12 miles away so a nice little ride out. Love going there as they always stock the more unusual items.

  4. That a great sweater, love the feather print. Ascend that pie....mouth watering. Gerben also always picks the pie when weer are in the uk!

  5. Lovely outfit! The pub pie looks good too!

  6. Great outfit on you! It is a match made in High Street! That pub pie looks yummy!

  7. I LOVE this tunic! Want to send one to me over here in Canada?!? Hahaha. I love tunics too but really struggle to find them actually. The feathers and the fact that it's a lightweight sweater is such a bonus! Great way to style it too.

  8. Nice top Anna, so lovely to see you last week. We a great night, but awful weather. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  9. Great top, I just love the way you've put it with jeggings and boots: very nice. Jeggings are so useful, especially when they are from a good range.

  10. Gorgeous tunic Anna, I love the colour. Great to see you last week :-) Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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