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What to Look for at the South of England Winter Fair

One of our annual traditions is to go to the Winter Fair at the South of England Showground. It's a great opportunity to browse and support local sellers and producers, everything from cheese to Italian clothing with a sidestop at festive decorations. 

The Winter Fair is sensibly set inside a spacious marquee or two.  This can mean the coat on coat off scenario. You know what I mean!  I think layers will be the order of the day but as there is quite a walk from the car park a coat of some sort will be involved.  If it's raining I will have a hooded coat, darn the umbrella as I'm not wasting a good shopping hand lugging that around. 

For some of you the trip will be just a day out and browse for what catches your eye.  For others it may be one of the main festive shopping events or a day out with the family.  If you are going for a specific purpose then check out the website so as you can plan your trip.

I always try to remember to bring cash (as the mobile card machines at vendors stalls can be fickle) and fold away bags (you just don't know whether bags are available from the vendors.) 

Some vendors that are sure to be showing this winter fair are

Love a lemon ceramics

Picture from Love a Lemon website

Bluebell Vineyard  (those sparking wines are calling me, can you hear it!)  What a fabulous gift, English Sparkling wine. Here's a tip.  Hubs and I bought some English sparkling wine when it was 2 years old and laid it for 4 years for his 50th.  If you have a celebration coming up in the next few years why not forward plan.  In that way you buy it when its reasonably cheap being young and serve a drink of a much higher value and quality. 

Picure from Bluebells website

The German Chocolate Company strangely based in Norfolk as all good German companies are, not, haha.

Picure from The German Chocolate twitter feed

I'm not a wreath person, well I wasn't until I saw Shankland and Stow 's beautiful handmade designs.  Sorry but I couldn't find a festive design on the website but am assured the stand this year will be stocked with Christmas wreathes.

Vintage glass wear restored by Glassera  Do you know someone getting married next year?  Maybe some unique gifts could be browsed here.  Perhaps a novel but nostalgic christening present. 

Tina Bucknall fashion I'm hoping for a changing room as I'm keen to shop this stop.  You know me, can't you just see me in these 

Robell Rose Black And Gold Animal Print Trousers at Tina Bucknall
Picure from Tina Bucknall website

For the children there is a giant snowglobe and for you there will hopefully be mulled wine (let's all cross our fingers now.)  

If you are a reader of my Anna Mutton Years you may well remember one of my previous excursions here .

Ladies and gents of my Southern England and London readers, roll up, roll up and have a grand day out next weekend, 24th/25th November.

My Favourite Thing

I am really excited to open my M&S advent calendar, aren't you (well if you managed to get one)?  One of the things that I ordered to get the calendar for £35 was this metallic belt  UK link   and  US link from M&S.   Everyone needs a metallic belt don't you think.  Being elastic and a reasonable price what's not to love. 

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  1. You're going to have fun at the fair.
    Please buy those patterned jeans, you will look gorgeous in them!
    Weirdly, I ended up with three of the calendars when we shopped for jeans and shirts for TP, right time, right place. Two will be presents.
    Have a fabbo week, x.

    1. Oh lucky you getting 3. I got 2 boxes in the summer but one was daughters as we combined an M&S order.

  2. Oh that is just the kind of fair I would love to attend! Perhaps in spring! And that belt was in a calendar? It s very nice!

  3. I do love a country fair, a winter one would be perfect for Christmas shopping for those unusual gifts. #GlobalBlogging

  4. The fair sounds like fun and yes, I can totally see you in those pants! I hope you get them! That chocolate too - wow!

  5. Love a good browse at a fair....and yes there is always something different to buy.

  6. fairs are just the best place for Christmas gifts.

  7. I love to go to my local fairs and purchase Christmas gifts, it's lovely to support smaller local business. I absolutely agree about carrying cash with you, no need to force small business owners to pay credit card fees if I can avoid it. #GlobalBlogging


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