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31 Steps to a Weekend Capsule

We all know the dilemma.  You are going away to stay with friends for a weekend so what to pack!  In my case all I know is that we are having a bite of lunch at their house, we will probably go out in the afternoon, we will probably go out to eat in the evening, we will probably go out next day in the morning, we will probably go out to a pub lunch and then drive home. Note all the probablies. 

I have been thinking through my clothes for the 2 days and decided, hey lets blog it because  with all those probablies it's quite the dilemma.  You know me, when I travel I am normally organised outfit by outfit and packed in my e-bags.  Well, not this time.  It's the probablies you see.   Unfortunately, I have looked at Dark Sky and can see the likely hood of rain is high, very high and the temperatur9e is anything from 13c down to 8c during the day. So let's add we will probably be in the rain and I will probably be layering and de-layering.

For once I have decided that I might just take a car load of clothes and be done with it.  I think hubster won't agree as he will have to carry it from car to house.  So to accommodate him and pre-empt his disagreement with that solution I will capsule for all eventualities.

Here is what I will take.

1. wellington boots. I just love my Seeland ones.  

2. waterproof parka from Landsend and similar can be found here 

3. A  black blazer  so as I can make an evening outfit and/or Sunday lunch outfit.

4.  A sweatshirt. I'm going to take my Hari and the Gang sweat .  I think I can wear this Sunday morning under my parka and a scarf with wellies and jeans and then if we go to a pub for lunch I will pop the black blazer over it.

5. Statement boots.   These neutral coloured ones will work for the pub on Sunday with sweatshirt and black blazer and be useful for a Saturday night option.

6. comfortable walking boots. I will be wearing my dependable bendables.  They are so old now that they will not get ruined in the rain and I can walk around towns for hours in them. 

7. jeans for Sunday . Now these need to be workable with the statement boots, wellies and dependable bendables.  I opt for my And/Or jeans

8.  a Sequin T shirt for Sunday evening.  I have an H&M one that I adore and if you can't wear a sequin tiger in December when can you?  I could easily use the black blazer to add smart to this razzle dazzle and to add a layer of warmth.

9.  black trousers - it would have to be my black everywear trouser

10. a blush light sweater - to wear on Sunday if I prefer to change it up a bit as Saturday night might be too similar to Sunday clothes so far on  my list.  This sweater could be worn layered under a jacket if necessary, although the sleeves may be their own dilemma.

11. A long pendant and a short choker style necklace.

12.  A black belt and a brown belt

13.  bracelets to layer for Sunday night with the T shirt

14. A long neutral cream cardigan. If Sunday evening is casual then I can wear this with the sequin Tshirt and jeans.  For warmth it can be layered over the sweatshirt Sunday morning.

15. Scrap most of that. Dark Sky now says temperature feels like brrrr. 3c!.

16. Thick sweater for Sunday to go out layered over nice top plus hairbrush and lipstick Im case of removal of chunky sweater in pub 

17. Sparkly sweater for dinner Saturday night to wear under black jacket. 

18. Scrap 16 and go back to 4 as hairbrush lipstick pull sweater over head scenario in pub complicated.  Rife with potential mishap. 

19. Thick scarf and gloves. See 18 and 4.

20. Will sparkly sweater (17)  be too warm for Saturday night ? If  venue has fire will roast.  Take sparkly T shirt aswell. Options options.

21.  must remember 14. I think I'll need it.

22. Down puffa coat as well as parka. 

23. Hat. Warm hat

24. I haven't even started on handbags yet!

25. A glittery scarf would be useful for Saturday night to go with black jacket and sequin T-shirt. 

26. A black bag for Saturday night. Will go with any all options. I'll take a new zebra print bag to because I want to use it. 

27.  Brown leather bag for Sunday 

28. Now what about Saturday during the day. I think I've lost the will.

29. Źzzzzzzz

30.  I do think if I take a puffa vest it will keep me warm.  

31. 'Hubs, I'm taking the big suitcase, and here's the pile of coats for the car.'

What I finally wore will be on a later blog.  In the meantime wish me luck, with the hubster. 


  1. Noooo!!! All this for two days with friends?!!! If it were me+friends+3°, I 'd probably not get out of my PJs. Oops, you haven't packed any - there's another probably for your list!
    Looking forward to seeing pics of your probablies in action soon, hugs x.

  2. Oh my goodness! That's a lot of stuff. It's so much easier to overpack when it's a car trip! I've done the same thing this weekend. Hope it was fun and not too cold and wet!

  3. Haha love this - except for the fact you have made me PANIC !!!. I am away for 2 nights at my brothers. Now he lives in a very cold, very old stone house with stone floors. Most of the time because I live in a small house with good insulation whatever the weather is like outside we can still dress as if in tropical climates when at home. Now my brothers house is 2 extremes, with log burning fires. errrrrrrr I think i will take another look at my packing list and rethink what I am taking.

  4. Hahaha, and then Gerben says that I pack to much! Oh dear! Well, you better pack to much then to less! Enjoy the weekend! Want to read all about it!

  5. Glad to see you're preparing for all eventualities. My hubster is fine about large suitcases as long as we're not flying, when he suddenly wants to take only carry-on. (And it is a carry on as well, because I can rarely cope with a small bag in winter when you never know what the weather is going to do....)

  6. Anna, you are a woman after my own heart! The great thing about traveling by car is you have unlimited space! I need options as I never know what mood I'll be in and what I'll feel like wearing. I am the exact same way, when I have something coming up my mind goes to only one thing - what to wear!

  7. Really enjoyed reading about the process behind your packing! Can't wait to see your outfits.

    SSG xxx

  8. Haha! Sounds just like me! Hope you got to wear it all! xx


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