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Presents for You Maybe

Today I want to share with you my Kookytwo jewellery pieces.  I just adore the kooky Claire's and equally their jewellery.  I'm keen to support small independent British businesses and what better way then buying jewellery.  Just up my alley,  haha.

A few years ago I bought this beautiful swift in gold from them.

I added this Swarovski Crystal pendant necklace soon after, seen here layered with pearls.

..and on its own as I set the scene for festive entertaining.  Overseas folks, these are mince pies.Yes, I made them.  You can see as they are leaking.  All good mince pies leak, in my world!

In the spring of this year I added a bracelet to my collection.

I wore it on Saturday stacked with gold bracelets.  I like a mix of metals.

Talking of a mix of metals,  how about my latest addition. This beautiful bee which I ordered on a silver chain. 

 I find silver and gold together in an item solves so many dressing problems as you don't need to worry about the clashing metal of buttons, belts or earrings.

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  1. I like metals mixed together too. Especially with pearls, The Bee necklace is really pretty

  2. Such pretty pieces of jewellery. I too love to mix my metals.

  3. Such a cool gift ideas.. Merry Christmas..

  4. Beautiful jewellery! I love the swift and bee necklaces. Thanks for linking up, hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    Emma xxx

  5. I love the layering with pearls, and you wear delicate pretty jewellery so well. I used to go for big old statement necklaces until Theresa May got in on the act so now I am looking anew at more subtle pieces! Thanks for linking up at #WowOnWednesday!


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