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Styling my Home to Start the New Year

Good morning 2019.  Good morning January. Let's get the bloomin' show on the road.


I hope the year and month have treated you, dear fashionista,  well so far.  Me, no not so much.  I have had a series of mishaps, partially related.  On Boxing day I twanged my back. You know, one of those, uh, I have just done something and I am going to go straight into spasm somethings, and I did.  The next day I was ill with a cold type virus.  The agony of coughing and sneezing with a strained back you don't want to know!  New year's eve saw me wrapped in a blanket, upright in a dining room chair in the lounge,  desperately wanting to be in bed as I had a temperature but not daring to lie down.  Everyone in the family went out and I even sent Mr Him to the parties we were meant to go to jointly.  I saw no reason for him not to have his new year's eve outings despite me not being fit to attend.   I was a lonely figure.  I had asked for anything that needed turning off to be turned off and dogs to be put away as I would be unable to do it with my strained back.  I sat in almost darkness on my dining room chair, with the blanket, in the glow of the TV until I really felt I could sleep after my dose of Night Nurse.  At 8.50 I toddled off to bed.  

Well the coughing constantly retwanged my back and a few days later I was put on Diazepan, Co-codomol and some stronger NSAIDs (prescription only.)  You would think all would be well now wouldn't you?  No.  Within 2 days I got  what I think was Gastritis (and no, I had never heard of it.)  It's inflamation of the stomach lining or some such, and in my case from the NSAIDs.  That meant coming off those of course and having to let my back heal more slowly.  The Gastritis meant that I couldn't eat as I'd like and was as equally painful as my back.  As I type I still have some soreness in both areas.

What did this mean for my festive break?  I was reflecting on this this morning.  If I hadn't had these issues I would have spent my break in a busyiness that would have seemed a lot like being at work.  I would have blogged, made videos, decluttered the house, visited the sales maybe.  The time would have flown and I would have returned to work as if I hadn't had a break at all because, you see, I am one of those busy people.  I am my own worst enemy.  I have to be active all the time. 

What did I do instead?  I slowed down, actually no; I halted.  I watched a lot of Netflix.  I binge watched You, Safe and Mari Kondo (have you watched any of those yet?)  Totally addictive. When I say I watched, I mean that I actively watched and  didn't fiddle with my phone or laptop or get up to put the washing on half way through a programme. 

My Mari Kondo time led me to look around my house mentally.  Last January I decluttered.  This year I don't need to so much at all.  Instead I had some design ideas.  For intance Miss 24 had bought me a carved wooden bowl a few years back.  Beautiful; too much so for fruit.   I hadn't really found a purpose for it.  I realised as I sat in my chair in the lounge that  it would look stylish  placed  on our lounge coffee table with stones, shells, crystals and fossils in it.   Yes, we had stones, shells, crystals and fossils scattered around the house. Doesn't everybody?   Now mine  are in the carved bowl. 

I also joined a plant subscription service, Bloombox Club. I thought my house could do with  some sprucing up, as it were. Bloombox Club offer a monthly or quarterly plant subscription in which you can select either a plant only (£17) or plant and pot (£35).  I chose quarterly and plant and pot.  I feel that if I want my house foliagly styled that does include an appropriate pot rather than one I dig out of the shed to make do. 

My first pot and plant arrived within a week and I am delighted with what was delivered.  I think the pot just suits this plant perfectly.

I am keen to support British businesses in 2019 so my first post here points you to Bloombox Club .  If you use my code  (yes, 3n's in annnie in this code) then you recieve 15% off your first subscription box. This is not a sponsored post nor a gifted item.  I bought the subscription. 

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  1. I have to watch this Netflix show, everyone is talking about it. I am a declutter queen, so people say they think of me when they watch it. I was sad to see all your IG posts and troubles. Hopefully you'll mend quickly. Also a plant box sounds wonderful. What a clever idea.

  2. Anna, sorry to hear of your rotten start to the year. I hope you are well and truly on the mend. I hope this means you've done your time with illness and pain for the year and will be free of both for the rest of 2019!

    SSG xxx

  3. Poor you - I feel your pain! You certainly are on a large concoction of pain killers. I do hope you are feeling much better now. This is not the way anyone wants to stay a 'New Year'. Get better soon - Jill x

  4. Hope your back is much better now. I have a wonderful little book given to me by a physiotherapist years ago, on the exercise to do when your disc lets go and you can't get in for treatment. They have saved my life so many times. I spend a lot of time on my stomach letting the lumbar muscles relax into a normal position, trying to sip tea at tea same time. Ha.
    Hope your new year is happier this week:)

  5. Buy ov boy, you started the New year all wrong. On the positive sight: it can't get any worse, so this year must be a great one for you!!😂😂

  6. so sorry you have not been well, that is a bummer.

  7. It's just awful when your back is out and you are coughing so hard, bless your heart Anna! Thank goodness for Netflix, right? Marie Kondo is a genius and I so wish I could be that organized and effective! I have read her book but not watched her show, but I will!

  8. What an interesting subscription service!! Hopefully you're feeling better!!

  9. I have suffered from back problems and had a discectomy 30 years ago. Now of course I have a host of related problems such as stenosis etc..but I am fine unless I omit doing my back exercises. I also attend a physical therapist, but the best of all is LASER. We have a pioneering consultant in Dublin who uses laser to reduce inflammation etc. See if you can find one ...Anna I hope you are better soon. x

  10. Interested in the Bloombox. I like the plant that was delivered so I will take a look. As for the flu bug, I feel your pain! We had it the week before, over and after Christmas. I can honestly say it's the worse cold I've ever had.
    I went out for new year and had to return home before I had been out for an hour because of coughing so badly :-( xx
    Glad to hear that you re better though through Insta xx


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