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Face Halo - A Review

I'm no beauty expert, heck I'm no anything expert in the blog world  full stop, but I am rather impressed with my new Face Halo make up remover pad.  Why?  I'll tell you below but first let you know that I was gifted but under no obligation nor control. The opinions are my own. Now let's get on to why I'm impressed. 

Well who doesn't love just swiping a cloth across their face when they are tired and voila the make up is gone.  Actually, all bar eye liner and mascara which on me this pad has trouble with.  On others it appears to remove eyemake up so maybe its the eye products I am currently using. Still if I am avoiding using those bad for the environment disposable face wipes what's a bit of extra time with eye make up remover as well (not added to the pad I quickly explain.)  Just water on the pad please.

Face Halo - Pack of 3

The microfibres are designed to dig into pores, pull out the make up and trap it in the fibres so as you aren't smearing makeup around your face.  Each pad is dual sided.

Here is what the company have to say

'The water loosens your makeup allowing the HaloTech fiber strands (which are 100 times finer than a human hair) to reach deep into your pores to remove and trap makeup, giving your skin a healthy and invigorating clean in half the time.'

For eye make up (and this maybe where I have gone wrong) 

'And for heavier eye makeup, we suggest you rehydrate your Face Halo well (with water) and hold it on the eyes or eyelashes and chant Halo, Halo, Halo 6 times, then remove.'

There you are, my chanting has not been up to scratch. Must do better today. 

Face Halos come in a packet of 3 microfibre pads from the company website.  There are two types.  Face Halo original is white and Face Halo Pro is black. I believe they work the same way.  The website sells the packs of 3 for $22.  

In the UK Boots appear to have single wipes for £7.  Face-halo-make-up-remover-pad---original---single-pack

All you need to do is add tap water (can be cold , warm or hot) to the pad and wipe your face.  Rinse under the tap and carry on.  After a few uses pop it in the washing machine, but not the dryer and do not add fabric conditioner.   Each pad is  meant to withstand 200 washing maching cycles.   I washed mine in a poor powder first time after a few uses and it came out not clean. Second time I washed it in my Persil Colour and it came out as new.    What's not to love about a reusable face wipe.

Now if you like a simple routine, or have sensative skin so try to avoid many lotion removers, then Face Halo may well be a product for you. If you travel and want to reduce the weight of those packets of wipes in your luggage or carryon then this may also be a product for you. If you double cleanse or are avoiding toxic products then this may be a product for you.  If you are economising this may be for you.  I calculated that at 2 washes a week a pad will last in theory approximately 2 years.  Compare that to a pack of wipes!  

Face Halo's website has a nifty demonstration here  .

For me this is a great packing product, a great first cleanse product and a great lazy day product.

Face Halo gifted me the products under no obligation or control.  

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  1. I really like the idea of these Anna. Going to take a look

  2. These sound so interesting. A real must for if you are sensitive to products!

  3. They sound excellent! My daughter and I moved away from disposable cotton pads onto reuseable pads (similar) recently x


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