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Weekly Round up and Link Up

Welcome to Muttonstyle Monday.  This is a new link up for bloggers to add blogs of any subject as long as you would allow your children or grandchildren to read it.  

Let's start with my mutton musings.   

Reading or Listening

I am still enjoying Paul Antony Jones extinction series of books and at this momemnt downloading the 4th in the series.  


I have discovered Pioneer Woman.  Yes, we have her shows in the UK on Food Network. My US readers will know that she is wife of a rancher.  Ree cooks wagon loads of tasty food for her family and neighbourhood, all with a smile, whilst showing snippets of farm life.  


I'm not.  I have not been inspired to buy anything whilst I have a bad back. Lucky as I am doing no spend January and hope to do so in February too. 

Oh, does a sideboard count? No.  Thank goodness as I did buy a much needed sideboard from Laura Ashley half price.  It will arrive in March flatpacked, to husband's delight, not. 


Sorry, if I enlarge the picture I lose resolution. 


After trying a year ago to sell an old Ducal record cabinet, I lowered the price on my local facebook group and sold it.  The selling of this prompted me into action to purchase the aforementioned sideboard. 

 Currently the dining room table is piled with contents from said record cabinet.  Yes, I was using it as a vertical sideboard of sorts. I decided that it was scruffy and not suitable for the purpose I was using it. I'd prefered the idea of a proper sideboard with a large surface to display the quantity of ornaments we have collected by my age. 


This week I wore mostly tops and not bottoms by the look of this lot, haha.  Actually I'm finding the light best in the lounge but this isn't a full length mirror.  What's an instagrammer to do?

The first is an outfit that I wore on Wednesday to visit my mother on a day off work.  I layered so as I was comfortable driving and in her house.  

One day for work I tried a preppy scarf look.  This really didn't feel like me and I was very uncomfortable in this all day.  I found myself eventually undoing the scarf and hanging it down loose.
Often work clothes mean that we aren't reflecting our personality. This one was a step too far for a natural personality like me. 

Phew, Friday brought casual wear to the office.  Much more me, in my favourite Primark cardigan from 2 years ago. 

Today, as I write this blog I am in my favourite grey cardigan, again,  and a navy blouse.  I do have jeans on too. 

Ah, here are some trousers. It has been so cold this week that I dug out these last year Marks & Spencer wide legged very thick trousers and rebelled against office greys on top.  Yes, I am in camel and pink.  Plus, a leopard belt.  I really broke out from office neutrals and constricted scarves. 

Now, if you blog please do link up below. 


  1. Liked the jumper you wore to your mother's. I'm with you on scarves, unless they're Rew scarves which don't need fiddly tying and adjusting. Good luck with the sideboard today!

  2. You have some very cute cardis! It's a shame you weren't enjoying that scarf look as it looks great on you! :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that you had a nice weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Love your spotty top and scarf anna, it really works well together. Jacqui Mummabstylish
    Thanks for hosting the new linkup Hun. x

  4. Tried to comment from my phone yesterday but it didn't register. I've been enjoying the bargains from the Laura Ashley sale for the bedroom renovation. I thought their sale was amazing this year. Thank you for hosting Anna xx

  5. Thanks for reminding me about the link up, Anna.
    I actually like the preppy scarf on you but like you say .. no good if it doesn't feel 'you'. Sharon xo

  6. Congrats on selling the Ducal and thank you for the invite to participate here.

    SSG xxx

  7. I also feel like a duck out of water in a preppy scarf, you identified it correctly as because of us being of a natural style type. It looks cute though. :) Lise

  8. Love your jumper with the gilet, Anna. Also love polka dots here. Thanks for stopping by Creative Mondays and the invite to come and join you :)


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