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Being a Fashion Stylist for a Day

Being on a no spend at the moment it was great to live vicariously through a friend. What a superb point in time in my spending year to be told  'I want to give you £100 to kit me out in Primark '.

Well would you turn down a shopping spree like that?  

So on Sunday,  with sore back but thinking walking would do it good, I set off to meet our friend. Sadly, I didn't take any photos but there is a  video here for your delectation. 

I wore a dove grey long sleeved top from Kettlewell colours,  a burgundy moto, black jeans and snake print boots.  Perfect for a wannabe stylist.  Screenshots I'm afraid. 

My friendl hadn't heard of colour seasons and pallets so I explained that to her and we jointly worked on the basis that she is an autumn, but we aim to get her colours done professionally sometime.  I have to say it's one of the best investments I have made for myself in my 20s.  It makes shopping so much easier and quicker as there are swathes of rails you can ignore. Have you had your colours done?

Primark beckoned. We found a few tops that suited her colour wise but didn't pass muster material wise. Just as I was ready to abandon the shop we found her a moss  green long cardigan, a green slogan Tshirt , a pair of linen spring trousers and a warm mustard  shorter cardigan.

This 'swag', as she called it,  came to around £30. Either we could now head to another shop or have a long, very long, cocktail session.

Common sense prevailed,  we had cocktails,  we headed to H&M.

Here we found another long cardigan,  and you know how much I do love those.  Now my friend  knows too, haha, and a graphic T that will make a lovely set, both in caramel.

Now I need to book colour analysis for her which will tell us we got it all wrong.  Oops  .
Have you ever helped a friend shop for clothes ?

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  1. What a lot of swag for the money! I've had my colours done no less than 3 times but there weren't to many variations so it has helped in terms of choosing the right colours (with the exception of navy blue...). I've never helped a friend to shop. I'm a nightmare to go shopping with because I don't like spending too much time: I'd rather go to just one store and make all my purchases right away. But most gals like to linger and try things on!

  2. I did that once with a girlfriend but she is wat to stuborn to listen to me! Lol. And I had a color analyse a long time ago. I need a new one as I think you need to renew that from time to time. Cocktails!! Yeah! Tomorrow!

  3. What fun! Burgundy looks amazing on you!

    SSG xxx

  4. What a fun time with your friend. I always take a peep in Primark but it is rare I find anything to fit. Love the refreshment break. Love - Jill stylishatsixty

  5. This is one of my favorite things to do, Anna. Shopping with other's money..ha ha. No, but seriously. I think it's fun to help others with something that I love to do like shopping. And the right colors make all the difference....

  6. Looks a fun day out. I love the boots X #dreamteam

  7. How lovely and you did so well. I would love to do this and had a day shopping with a friend years ago, picking out styles for her, she liked and bought what I suggested - result. Jacqui Mummabstylish
    Thanks for joining the #chicandstylish #linkup


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