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Outfits and Muttonstyle Monday Link Up

I awoke last Monday excited to enter my second Muttonstyle Monday link up only to find it wouldn't open for another 6 hours.  I'd set my blogger account to GMT, but not the inlinkz account. Darn technology. So 6am NYC time it was then,  grrrr.   Sorry about that folks.  This week I'm setting it to open Sunday night to avoid such disappointment, sadness, confusion of my contributors. I don't know about you but I'm not keen on this new format from Inlinkz.  Still I guess it will improve as it's only recently been launched. 


Is it sad to be excited to use my newish umbrella?  I bought my clear birdcage umbrella last year but we've had so little rain that the chance if it bucketing down as I leave the house for work has been really really long odds.   I enjoyed keeping my hair not only dry but damp free, if that makes sense, and my shoulders  and  bag dry too. Yes my bag was safe under the canopy. Big bonus. Plus I could see. What a pleasure the rainy day was.

Reading and Listening

Pretty much the same as last week.  Listening to the 4th in the Exodus series and reading on my kindle  Waking up in Winter.  What are you reading?


Oh, I watched Book Club last night. It seems to me that Diane Keaton pretty well over the last few years has played the same character in film after film.  Maybe she is typecast. This is not a criticism, more that I know the film is going to be a feelgood showing that we are still forever fierce in our over 50's and into 60s and 70s.  Which is what we know isn't it dear fashionista.  Even if journalists still insist we can't wear graphic T's and jeans at least the film industry gives us a life, haha.  

I thought I would take some pictures of some of the locations from Cleaning Up for you whilst I was at work this week.  


I have bought a sweater from H&M.  I couldn't resist this at £17.99 as I had been looking for a camel sweater in  a thin knit for a while.  I deliberately bought this oversized in a large.   affiliate link H&M sweater


On Tuesday I broke out of corporate colours again.  I had forgotten much teal suits an autumn coloured person.  

I took coral out for a spin on Wednesday. This seems to be a go to outfit for after work receptions.  I desperately hoped I don't spill food down this shirt that I love so much.

I wore this to a Chinese New Year party, not the outfit below, to be clear, the above I do mean, haha. 

On Thursday for a meeting in Canary Wharf followed by another one on London Wall followed by a drink in a rather quaint but expensive winebar I broke out my Boden London shirt again, but this time with navy cropped trousers.  Not so cropped on petite me.

Casual Friday saw me in a caramel cardigan and the dove grey top I wore last with burgundy.

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  1. I don't like the new Inlinkz either! Like you say, teething problems hopefully xx

  2. Big fan of H&M sweaters. They wash incredibly well for the price and are surprisingly warm too.

    SSG xxx

  3. Oh, I used to have an umbrella like the one you describe but it broke last spring and I have not replaced it. It was my favorite and I may have to look for a new one soon. I really would love to see Book Club but have not gotten round to it yet. Although this weekend, my husband and I watched Armageddon over the weekend which I haven’t seen probably since it was released over 20 years ago. It is funny how we approach and view these things differently with age. I was a sobbing stressed out fool through the whole entire thing! My husband found it quite humorous, which I suppose it was as I was wringing my hands and crying that the movie was hurting my heart! My word, I am a sap! And I also dislike the new inlinkz format and have continued using the old one until they force me to switch!


  4. Thanks for sharing . Who cares What "They" say about graphic T-Shirts . I say if they are working for you work them . Glad to see your enjoying what you love .

  5. Mc Cafe definitely the worst consideration ever. I wouldn't touch it for free. Unless you believe in better living through chemistry

  6. I have yet to see that movie, but I want to!!
    As for a clear umbrella...that's just brilliant. We don't get a ton of rain, so I'm not sure we even have any umbrellas. But if I see a clear one, I think I'll get it!!

  7. Love that blue on you! Have a great start of the week .

  8. Well hello lady. Congratulations on the new linkup and I wish you so much success with it.

  9. Hi Anna
    Love the bright blue on you, great color! and your new sweater is the perfect fall-winter staple. I havent seen Book Club, it looks entertaining, I think that too about Diane Keaton.
    jess xx

  10. Nice busy week you've had and good that you're able to get out and about again.
    I saw Book Club when it came out, it was ok, just ok. DK seems to have always been cast in the same character, though I saw one on Netflix last week about selling a NY flat and she wasn't quite so scatty but she still looked the same and the film was again just OK. Gosh, I sound hard to please. Better buzz off!
    Hugs, Mary x.

  11. I am having trouble with the Inlinkz. For some reason it will not let me add the correct link for this week. I have had 2 attempts (sorry for posting twice). The photo and title are correct but it adds last weeks post (really, really sorry)

  12. I don't like the new Inlinkz either - it seems like extra work to me for the same ends! I love the blues and coral on you. I need a clear umbrella in my life...although it's usually far too windy for a brolly in Salford, I've broken so many I've given up now!

    Emma xxx

  13. New here. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week. #Globalblogging

  14. I love the teal and coral on you! You look so nice in bright colours :) The new linkup tool is so confusing to use for me, that's why I went with a different company when I started my linkup, a nice and simple one!

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :) Hope that you are having a good week so far :) We finally got a break in the heatwave last night and it was so welcome!

    Away From The Blue

  15. You have been a busy bee! Loving the caramel cardigan... it looks so cozy, perfect for an evening in or if you want a bit of comfort for work. We too are having a few issues with Inlinkz - hopefully they will iron out the little niggles. Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam linky.


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